Kat Von D Is Dropping Liquid Metal Crush Highlighters & They Are Even Better Than The Powders

Now this is an interesting twist from Kat Von D Beauty. The brand is known for its full coverage foundation, "don't move" matte lippies, edgy eyeliners, and daring color palettes. The company is not usually all about the mega dewy glow achieved by highlighters. Until now. Kat Von D Metal Crush Liquid Highlighters are coming this summer and they are an unexpected but welcome divergence from the brand's usual goth x rock 'n' roll path.

The liquid glow-getters are part of a forthcoming product assortment. The brand posted images of circular compacts containing shimmery powder products, too. Kat Von D-evotees were excited about all of the product posts and were developing lots of theories.

Many influencers and vloggers love a glow that is so bright it's nearly radioactive and can communicate with satellites — we're lovingly looking at you Jaclyn Hill and Nikkie Tutorials! KVDB doesn't usually traffic in that aesthetic but they're giving it a try.

The swatches of the Metal Crush Liquid Highlighters, the formula of which looks super creamy and shimmery, are gorgeous. The same can be said for the powder compact swatches. The first post teased products and was simply captioned as such: "Coming Soon."

Have a look at the pretty products below. You might not be able to tear your eyes away from all that glow.

Clearly, some pastel prettiness is coming outta the Kat Von D compound. Don't these hues remind you of the limited edition Pastel Goth eyeshadow palette? That collection was loaded with Easter egg-inspired shades!

Those swatches, though! The pigmentation is so pretty. There's a white x champagne shade, a golden hue, a rose gold tint, and a bright pink shade. The hashtags also appear to reveal the names — Gold Skool, Rose Shock, Gamma Ray, and Helix.

The pen packaging means you can very likely apply these highlighters straight from the tube to your skin and then blend with fingers. Or you can dab onto the face with fingers and blend. Or you can your trusty beautyblender and do your buff 'n' blend thing.

The Metal Crush Liquid Highlighters and compacts arrive online at the Sephora site and the Kat Von D Beauty site on July 13. They will cruise into Sephora locations a week later on July 20.

You know what time it is. It's time to program a reminder in your phone so you remember to shop the launch. It's that good.

As for the Kat Von D-evotee faithful, their digital reactions were swift and they were strong. Inquiring minds want to know if the products are eyeshadows or highlighters. Maybe they are both? Maybe they are multi-purpose multi-taskers that can be swiped on several features? They could be used as a lid wash or to highlight the Cupid's bow, the brow bone, the decolletage, or any other feature in which you want some additional glow. They won't be beholden to the tyranny of single use.

Others users have simply preferred to comment on their own immediate emotions regarding the products and the hues.

These soft and sweet highlighters live on the opposite end of the color spectrum as the brand's recently launched Super Brow pigments. Those are a rainbow of colors so you can match your brows to your hair or to your mood.

That said, it's way fun to see Kat Von D Beauty trying different things with its suite of products. The darkly-rimmed eyes, deeply-painted lips, and pale skin evidenced by this KVD self are often the brand's aesthetic. However, beautyistas can get creative and edgy with the pastel highlighters, too!