You Need To See These Kylie Royal Peach Swatches

If you are super passionate about palettes and about Kylie Cosmetics, well, you're about to have your day seriously made. You can be confident about the fact that your 2017 is about to kick off in amazing fashion. Kylie Jenner revealed her new Royal Peach eyeshadow palette on Snapchat and Instagram. While full details are slated to drop (and presumably via Jenner's fave social media channels) on Monday, Jan. 2, Jenner didn't hold back. She pulled back the curtain on some important intel and she shared swatches of the Royal Peach Palette, which she confirmed was inspired by her peach eye look from NYFW.

The Royal Peach Palette, which is out Jan. 12, includes shadows in both shimmer and matte textures, in addition to neutrals and bright colors, as evidenced by Jenner's teaser snaps.

Also, you need to know this info now. The Royal Peach Palette is expanded — it includes 12 (!!!) eyeshadows, a brush, and is rectangular in shape. Kylie Cosmetics devotees already know that previous Kyshadow palettes — Bronze, Burgundy, and the jewel-toned, winter x holiday edition — are square in shape and are comprised of nine pans of shadow. Royal Peach has been upgraded with three more shadows, and therefore offers infinitely more color combos.

The addition of more circular shadow pans is likely the reason the packaging was lengthened.

Jenner also stated that the Royal Peach Palette is also accompanied by a brush. None of prior Kyshadow palettes featured a brush, although Jenner created a limited edition set of makeup brushes for the Holiday 2016 collection.

Whether or not these changes — more colors, a long 'n' slim case, and a brush— will apply to all future palettes is TBD as of press time. Once Jenner gives us the scoop on Royal Peach on Monday, Jan. 2, we will hopefully know more... a lot more. Now that we know the shape, release date, and the other changes, how about some swatches? Let's go under the hood.

I spy a variety of neutrals. Light nude, shimmer, matter, yes. Peach was one of 2016's most beloved trends with eyeshadows. Too Faced's blockbuster Sweet Peach palette, which eventually inspired a full collection, was one of the year's best-sellers and was super hard to acquire.

Look! There's a golden green, a deeper x orange-y peach, blue, and purple contained within.

Once more, with feeling. Are you mopping up the drool yet?

Check out this look at the packaging, as well.

This sneak peek should have you inspired to create fun eye looks.

Make sure to check all of the Kylie Cosmetics' socials and Jenner's feeds for the rest of the 411 on Monday, Jan. 2. See ya then!

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (1); Kylie Jenner/Snapchat (5); Kylizzle Snapchats/Instagram (1)