Kylie's Rose Gold Palette FINALLY Has A Launch Date

Kylie Cosmetics knows how to hop on a trend, and the Kylie Jenner helmed brand is doing it again with their brand new palette. On Tuesday, Kylie Cosmetics' Sort Sweet palette made its social media debut and along with new packaging, the collection of eyeshadows also hops on the rose gold trend in the best way possible.

As usual, Jenner took to her personal Instagram account to reveal the new launch and its new packaging. While Jenner's typical 9-pan eyeshadow palettes have featured totally white packaging with drips on her signature eye logo matching the shades in the palette. She's switching it up for Sorta Sweet. Instead of the classic white, this palette is completely black, and it looks gorgeous.

Inside the palette, fans will find the brand's typical, nine round pans, and as for the hues, they're "earth tones" according to Jenner and feature a mix of mattes and metallics. However, given that she has recently teased a rose gold palette, this one certainly appears to fit the bill. Plus, with a name like Sorta Sweet, the tones seem to lean toward a more candy-colored rose gold colorway than one that focuses more on earthy brown tones.

Regardless, though, the swatches of the Sorta Sweet palette look beautiful.

In her reveal, Jenner didn't just show the palette but showcased swatches of the new hues, and they look pigmented AF.

While the Kylie Cosmetics mogul has warm toned palettes like the Bronze Palette and the Burgundy Palette, the brown tones here seem to skew more cool and are paired with some super pretty pink tones as well as shimmering golds. Altogether, the palette looks ultra cohesive and is definitely a contender for her rumored rose gold palette.

If you love the tones, when will you be able to get your hands on this beauty? According to Jenner, the palette is set to debut on June 28. If you've been watching beauty news closely, you know what the launch date is only two days after the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Vault Collection as well as the debut of the Too Faced x Jackie Aina Born This Way shades. There's a lot to shop, but the palette actually isn't alone in its Kylie Comsetics' debut.

Jenner is also launching a new lip trio with the same name: Sorta Sweet. Inside fans will find shades, Boy Bye, Glitz, and Maliboo. They're simply existing hues that the brand paired together to create a seamless trio, much like her Posie K version. As for the price, there was no word, but it makes sense for the trio to retail for the same cost as its Posie K counterpart. That means you'll be spending $48 (though Posie K is on sale now for $36).

As for the palette, the same is probably true of its price. Jenner has multiple eyeshadow collections in the same format, and it would be surprising to see her switch up the price simply because the packaging has changed color. That means fans who want to shop Sorta Sweet will be paying $42 for the palette.

If you want to shop the new Kylie Cosmetics' Sorta Sweet palette or the Sorta Sweet lip trio, mark your calendar for June 28. It's a big week for beauty, and you don't want this launch to get lost in the shuffle of Jaclyn Hill x Morphe as well as the Too Faced Born This Way shade launches. Clearly, the beauty gods and goddesses have smiled down on mere mortal beauty addicts, and the last week of June is going to be heaven on earth.