Kylie Jenner MIGHT Be Working On A Rose Gold Palette

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Let's be honest, at this point, Kylie Jenner and her eponymous cosmetics line are no strangers to eyeshadows. While the brand may have begun with the classic lip kits, their expansion has been random over the past year. Now, though, a rose gold Kylie Cosmetics palette may be headed fans' way, and this super on trend item is definitely a reason to get stoked about Kyshadows again.

Kylie Cosmetics has obviously come a long way since it's inception with three hues of lip kits. They've not got Kylighters, Kyshadows, blushes, different lip formulas and finishes, eye liners, and concealers. Basically, it's good to be Kylie Cosmetics — especially since the company is said to be worth $420 million.

The constant dropping of products, however, may have dulled some fans excitement, but the latest hint that Jenner has given about what's coming from the brand may just bring that Kylie Cosmetics fire back to life in your beauty loving soul.

According to a post on beauty Instagram account TrendMood, Jenner dropped a major hint about what's coming next, and it's so trendy. In a post about the Bronze Extended palette, Jenner hinted that a Rose Gold Kylie Cosmetics palette may be in the works, and it's officially time for fans to get stoked.

On the Kylie Cosmetics post, Jenner responded to what appears to be a fan account asking for a rose gold palette. While she didn't use words to confirm the existence of the palette, she did answer with an emoji with a secret-keeping finger over its mouth, so it certainly seems as though this is a major hint for her fans.

The hint also happens to come after Jenner began to tease her summer collection from Kylie Cosmetics. Earlier this week, Jenner took to her Instagram account to post images of a new palette that's set to debut with a summer collection. Could it be the rose gold palette she just hinted at?

The packaging doesn't appear very rose gold in nature, and the small glimpse of shades inside seem to lean more towards a true red rose than any sort of rose gold shade, but this is Kylie Cosmetics, after all. You never truly know what to expect when it comes to new launches from the brand.

Plus, they've kind of been on a roll lately with launches. There could be two planned for the summer. Only recently, they debuted a range of four shades of red lips that are perfect for everyone. From cool toned, pink based red to vibrant, orange based hues, the Victoria, Jordy, All Nighter, and Red Velvet lip kits are just one of her latest launches that include the Kris Kollection and the relaunch of the KoKo Kollection.

Jenner's seeming decision to make a rose gold palette means she's joining other brand is crafting products based on the hottest color of the moment (Pantone, who?). Of course, the most obvious comparison will come from Huda Beauty's recently redone Rose Gold Remastered palette. The new version of the palette only recently debuted, so clearly, the trend isn't dead.

Then, of course, there's the entire rose gold collection that just debuted from Smashbox x Vlada. There's obviously been a bit of controversy surrounding the relationship between Vlada and Jenner, but this connection seems to only be a passing similarity of color and proof that the beauty world still loves rose gold.

If you're stoked for a Kylie Cosmetics rose gold palette, keep your eyes peeled. Jenner is almost certain to do a reveal on social media, and this is one trendy new products from the brand you won't want to miss.