This 'Mean Girls' Palette Has Literally Every Shade Of Pink A Plastic Could Want

by Summer Arlexis

Get ready to channel the infamous Regina George and her iconic girl squad like never before. Swatches of Storybook Cosmetics' Mean Girls Burn Book Palette have been revealed, and soon you can transform yourself into a trendsetting Plastic à la Regina, Gretchen, and Karen.

Beauty lovers can always count on Storybook Cosmetics to mesh pop culture with makeup so perfectly. The brand's Harry Potter makeup brushes and the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory palette are just a couple of releases that have been total fan favorites. As successful as previous launches have been, however, nothing compares to how beauty addicts lost their minds when Storybook Cosmetics teased a Mean Girls collaboration.

A Burn Book makeup palette has been in the works for quite some time now — an entire year to be exact. That's definitely a grueling wait for Mean Girls fanatics who just had to get their hands on the perfect "On Wednesdays We Wear Pink" shade of magenta eyeshadow. But the wait is finally over. The film inspired palette will officially hit virtual shelves at 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT on Nov. 1.

To hold fans over, Storybook released smooth palette swatches complete with cheeky names. For now, obsess over every swatch from the Burn Book, the ideal hues to dig into with your pink Mean Girls makeup brushes.

You'd think a Burn Book palette would have a dozen shades of rose, magenta, and fuchsia. After all, the Plastics wore their fair share of pink throughout the school year. On the contrary, this 12-shade eyeshadow palette features a rainbow of hues for Plastics that love a good beauty beat.

Swatches reveal a hot pink— because, duh— and neutrals, plus pops of green, blue, and peachy color. The shimmers sparkle beautifully and the mattes pack a pigmented punch, essentials for shadows that swatch well against varying skin tones.

Of course, you couldn't have a Mean Girls inspired palette without paying homage to some of the movie's most memorable lines. That's where the shadow names come in.

Take that Regina George! Looks like "fetch" did in fact happen because there's a peachy-orange named "So Fetch", courtesy of the Toaster Strudel princess herself, Gretchen Wieners. "Glen Coco" is such a fitting shade name for the matte chocolate brown within the palette. And it only makes sense that the silvery grey pan received a Karen inspired "Mouse...Duh" label.

Naturally, the star center shades of the Burn Book are "Wednesday", a fierce, hot pink that any Mean Girls lover would die to brush on their lid, and "Regina George", a millennial pink with a metallic finish for the most high-maintenance Plastics.

An "Army Pants And Flip Flops" olive green or a deep red "Jingle Bell Rock" would have been sweet additions to the color lineup, too. But you have to admit, Storybook Cosmetics obviously used their 365 days wisely and nailed it with this gem.

It's not just the shadows and their genius names that make the palette a makeup lover's dream. It goes without saying that the palette design is so totally exceptionally on point. The masterminds behind Storybook Cosmetics sealed the deal with a Burn Book replica that looks so much like the real thing— kiss print, scrapbook lettering, grafitti-esque doodles, and all. There's even a mirror on the inside cover.

You really can't ask for more of a palette worthy of a teen royalty. It's all just too perf.

Storybook Cosmetics releases have a history of selling out almost instantly. So if you're hoping to snag the Mean Girls palette on the first go-round, it'd be wise to have your web browser loaded, wallet in hand, and shipping info ready at 1 o'clock on the dot. This 2004 classic inspired palette will likely go fast AF.