Sydney From 'The Bachelor' Could Be Ready To Move Anywhere With Peter

Sydney and Peter on 'The Bachelor'

It's no secret that cast bios for The Bachelor are often dramatized, especially when it comes to the ladies' occupations. For example, Natasha from Peter's season is labeled as a party planner, but she's actually also a big-time TV producer. Sydney Hightower's job is supposedly a retail marketing manager, which may be true, but her online presence offers no evidence of it — not even her Instagram bio.

Everyone knows that The Bachelor can be life and career-changing, and lately, when they leave the show, more of the cast members become professional influencers than not. There are no #ads popping up on Sydney's page yet, but she has been doing some modeling for a Birmingham-based boutique called Posh 31. She has also modeled for Atlanta-based stylist and makeup-artist Jamie Boggs.

If she does still work as a retail marketing manager (no luck finding her LinkedIn, unfortunately), the position could entail a number of responsibilities. According to Study.com, generally, a retail marketing manager uses "consumer statistics, like income information, buying trends and value perceptions" to "develop promotional strategies that can help companies meet their financial goals." That means she could work virtually anywhere, be it for a marketing agency or within the marketing department of a large corporation.

She has also apparently been in the nanny business, according to her existing SitterCity profile. "I moved to Birmingham two years ago from Tuscaloosa Al to finish my schooling with the University Of Alabama," her bio reads. "I have previously been a Nanny to a family I work closely with during my time out of school. I have had experience with children from the ages of 3 to 12. I am adept at organizing daily schedules, including meals , school , and activities." The profile also says she is a certified nursing assistant and has a degree in biology from the University of Alabama.

Whatever her job is now, it either requires, or is flexible with lots of travel, because that's what Sydney's been doing lately. Her Instagram tags have put her all over the globe in the last couple of years: in Israel, Cuba, Switzerland, and more. But she says 2019 has been her best year yet.

"In the last 10 months I have learned things about myself that I have never known, I have found a strength within myself that can truly overcome any obstacle that comes my way," she wrote on Instagram. "I’ve learned that it’s okay to be strong, but its also okay to let go. I have gained BEST friends that I will truly have for the rest of my life. And all along the way, I have had the support and love of my friends and family." .

After her time on The Bachelor comes to a close and she's no longer under contract, she's more likely to share what's new in her work life. Until then, her number one job is winning Peter's heart.