'BiP' Star Tahzjuan's Instagram Shows She Has A Funny Side We Didn't Get To See On TV

Rick Rowell/ABC

For some reason, Bachelor In Paradise loves to bring back contestants who were eliminated from their Bachelor/ette seasons on night one. So far on Season 6, Jane and Christian have both received second shots at love down in Mexico, and now, another night one contestant is about to join them: Tahzjuan from Colton's Bachelor season. She may not have made much of an impression during her first stint on the franchise, but if you're interested in getting to know Tahzjuan, her Instagram is a good place to start.

According to her Bachelor bio, Tahzjuan is a business development associate from Colorado. This lines up with her LinkedIn, which says she's been a business development associate at Lyft in Denver since May 2018. She's also working towards a Master's degree in business administration and management from Colorado State University, from which she'll graduate in 2020. On the non-work side, Tahzjuan's ABC bio says that she loves reading, concerts, salsa dancing, and hanging with her mom.

During her brief time on Colton's season, Tahzjuan introduced herself by helping Colton pronounce her name. "I hope I'm the Tahz-juan for you," she told him. Over on Instagram, Tahzjuan has only 31 posts, but they reveal a lot about her life, and she's even shared a bit about her time before and after the show.

She's Spent Time In Mexico Before

Before Bachelor in Paradise, Tahzjuan already liked spending time in Mexico. She traveled there in March 2017.

She Announced Her MBA Program Acceptance On IG

"Pursuing all of my hopes & dreams in 2019," she captioned a photo of the Colorado State University logo. "Last week I was accepted into CSU's MBA program with a specialization in Data Analytics for Spring 2019 and I couldn't be more proud of myself!"

She Joked About Her Short Bachelor Stint

"Might have gone home night one, but look who's back for the #WomenTellAll," she captioned a photo from the show. Who doesn't love a contestant who can poke fun at themselves?

She Didn't Go To Coachella

Many Bachelor Nation stars go to music festivals (*cough* like Stagecoach *cough*), but Tahzjuan skipped the Coachella scene to have a "No-Chella" hangout with her friends in Denver.

She Recently Opened Up About Her Mental Health

Tahzjuan's most recent Instagram post is from July 18, and it included a lengthy caption about how she had recently been dealing with depression. She wrote this, alongside a photo of her standing on a mountain:

"Depression hit an all time low the last couple of weeks and I'm finally feeling back to my normal self. Needed a challenge so on Monday I hit Manitou Springs to do the Incline. Those that know it, know it's not for the faint of heart. Such a sense of accomplishment when you make it to the top! Where should my next adventure be? Taking suggestions."

It's always so inspiring to see people be open about their mental health — especially when they have a platform like the Bachelor Nation stars do. Tahzjuan seems to be in a good place, as she wrote on Instagram, and soon we'll all get to see her on our TV screens again when she joins the messy cast of this year's BiP. Hopefully it will work out better for her than it did the first time.