You Can Rock A Fanny Pack Cooler That Will Hold Your Canned Wine This Summer

by Brittany Bennett

Maxi and midi dresses that flow in the summer breeze are cute, sure. But, it's Target's Grapefruit Fanny Pack Cooler that's the most fashionable item you can wear this summer. Ring the alarm, fashionistas, fanny packs are back. Especially now that they — or at least this one in particular — doubles as a personal wine cooler.

Fanny packs are a mutation of belt and purse. These hip huggers were worn loosely as extra pockets in the '80s. I assume people stashed cash, their baseball cards, sticks of gum, their Walkman, and other loose belongings in them. They were practical. 2019 took practical, and made it fashion. Who wouldn't want to don a pink and yellow grapefruit slice around their waist? It's a complete and total summer mood. Make the most of this hot accessory for the hot months ahead by carrying drink after drink around in it.

This new fanny pack from Target mutates belt and cooler — essentially, you can wear a ~wine cooler~ around your body, because this is the world we live in now. "Insulated design keeps drinks and snacks fresh when on the go," Target's product description explains. The fanny pack will fit a sandwich or, more importantly, cans of rosé or spritz or hard cider side by side. Join me, friends, as we sip and snack at our leisure. This fanny pack revival and redirected purpose sounds a lot like luxury to me.

The Fanny Pack Cooler is sold online and in Target stores, retailing for a cool $6. And people are already claiming theirs. One Twitter user wrote, "really might buy the cooler fanny pack from target for this weekend. a sound investment." Another declares, "I got my cooler fanny pack." The tweet is completed with a strong arm emoji because who wouldn't want to flex their investment in a product like this?

With a cooler strapped around your waist, you'll experience the luxury of convenience. Never again will you need to navigate the barbecue crowd to find the cooler. You won't have to hope that the beach cooler your friends brought to the picnic will be full of your favorite beverage. With the Fanny Pack Cooler from Target, you're in charge of what to drink.

Might I suggest packing it with Angry Orchard's Spritz Rose Hard Cider? The 12-ounce can will fit perfectly in the cooler's dimensions. Or, you could fit Cupcake Vineyard's new canned wines — the Sauvignon Blanc and the Rosé — into the fanny pack. Perhaps the new Smirnoff Ice cans would be suited for your wearable cooler. I mean, there isn't a can you can't fit.

Target's Fanny Pack Cooler Grapefruit presents a very exciting time in our lives. The personal pack that doubles as a cooler allows us to be independent. We can bring what we wish to drink to a party, keep it cold and close to our waist. It doesn't hurt that the bright citrus slice design compliments any summer outfit.

Be both stylish and practicable this summer. Nothing — and I cannot stress this enough — is cooler than a wearable cooler, even when it's designed as a fanny pack.