You Can Buy Smirnoff Ice In Cans Now

Courtesy of Smirnoff/Remixed by Bustle

Summer just got a whole lot ~cooler~ and you'll be relieved to know that that statement has nothing to do with the weather. Smirnoff Ice now comes in cans, so slide on your favorite pair of sunglasses and kick off summer in style. Memorial Day weekend, the widely accepted but unofficial start of summer, is approaching. It's time to go outdoors and celebrate the return of summer Fridays, barbecues, and community baseball games. Locate your insulated cooler bag and fill it with these cute aluminum cans.

Yeah, I called aluminum cans cute. Would you call pink anything but? The four canned Smirnoff Ice flavors are so colorful they'll pop from underneath the ice in the cooler so you don't have to dig through cans and bottles of something other to find what you really want — the Smirnoff Ice Strawberry, for example. Other flavors now available in their finest canned form include Smirnoff Ice Raspberry, Smirnoff Ice Margarita, and the original Smirnoff Ice.

While there's nothing really riveting about an alcoholic beverage in an aluminum can — there's beer, of course, and now even your favorite wines come in a can — this is the first time Smirnoff has canned their Ice flavors. It's all to get the party started so you can take Smirnoff where no bottle has gone before. A Smirnoff spokesperson tells Bustle that the brand is "about having fun," and these cans were created in that spirit. Instead of being "bummed upon seeing a 'No Glass' sign at your favorite summer shindig," you can proceed with your fun thanks to the can.

Each flavor will be available in 12-packs at a suggested retail price of $15.99. There's even a Smirnoff Ice 12-ounce Can Variety Pack, so you can get a taste of multiple flavors. Think of it as the grown up version of the popsicle variety pack. By the looks of it, I'm forecasting that summer is going to be cooler because of cans.

It seems like everything you could ever want to quench your thirst is now available in this form. Cape Line Sparkling Cocktails from MillerCoors debuted three new alcoholic beverages that are conveniently canned. Hard Strawberry Lemonade, Margarita, and Blackberry Mojito will help spike your summer cooler with classic cocktails so you can avoid the long line at the beach bar.

There are plenty of other beverages to stock your fridge with before Memorial Day Weekend. And it's not limited to just beer anymore, clearly. Sauza Agua Fuerte introduced us to tequila-spiked sparkling water. Available in Mango, Lime, and Grapefruit, this hard seltzer makes happy hour happier. Canned wine was all the rage in 2018, from The Drop's resealable rosé wine cans to Oregon's Underwood canned Strawberry Wine Coolers. In no time, it seems, we'll forget all about bottle openers and wine keys.

I'm serious though — summer is getting so much cooler with this influx of canned cocktails. Fill your fridge and your coolers with Smirnoff Ice's newly canned, yet forever classic flavors. Strawberry, Raspberry, Margarita, or Original, there's no wrong can to grab. That crisp, first pop of the top is the sound of summer. Enjoy, drink responsibly, and don't forget to recycle.