Target Has Haunted Houses For Cats & The Customer Photos Are Pure As Heck


Have you ever walked through a haunted house, deafened by the screams of your fellow humans, clutching your heart in terror, rigid in anticipation for what dastardly creature lurks behind the next corner, and thought to your self, "Gee, I really wish my cat could be a part of this?" Excellent news for you, my spooky friend: Target is selling haunted houses for cats, so now both you AND your furry four-legged friend can experience the full spectrum of joy and fear that Halloween has to offer. All for the low, low price of $16.99!

This ~haunted house for cats~ is actually a part of Target's Hyde and Eek! Boutique line, which debuted earlier this year with a slew of unique, boppy Halloween decorations. Collapsible and made out of cardboard, the contraption is actually a cat scratcher, so it's spooky AND sensible. The exteriors feature graphics of all your Halloweenie faves, from ghosts to lurking eyeballs to Jack o' Lanterns, and the inside features corrugated scratch posts and two exits so your kitty can get in and out of their new favorite haunt with ease. Also, it has a little jingle bell on the inside, which is not remotely spooky, but is so precious that I will let it slide.

Well, there you have it, folks: your cat's house is officially far more on brand and affordable than yours is or ever will be. It's hard out here for a wannabe witch.

The product reviews, it seems, are a testament to how well this filled the niche hole in the spooky cat house niche market.

"Found out about this through a facebook page where everyone was obsessing over them for their kitties," writes one reviewer on Target's site. "My cat was all over it from the second I opened the box, but rather than scratching he just sits as a little loaf and its [sic] perfect for the holiday! Its [sic] a must if not for just adorable photos."

"I specifically looked this up because I haven’t seen it in the store this year," writes another. "Both my cats love these houses more than anything I have ever bought them. They are really sturdy, I have an 18 pound cat and he spends so much time in his house."

That said, if you want to your cat to roll into Halloween in style, you may have to act fast. As of right meow (sorry), the house is sold out in a lot of Target locations, and appears to be out of stock online as well. The good news is that you can sign up for a list on Target's website to have it notify you when it's back in stock — which I'd say is well worth it even if they get more supplies after Oct. 31. Honestly, when won't you want to treat your cat to their own haunted house? This is an evergreen abode.

In the meantime, if you truly want to live your best life on this day of days, please direct yourself to the product page on Target's website and scroll down to the review section — it is full of pictures of customer's cats in all their haunted, cat-scratching glory. YOU'RE WELCOME!