You Can Buy Target's 'Nightmare Before Christmas' Kitchenware Just In Time For Halloween


Are you ready to get spooked? It seems a little early for Halloween — and definitely too early for Christmas — but one epic movie manages to combine both of those holidays in one. That's right, the cult-classic Tim Burton movie, Nightmare Before Christmas, is a little bit Christmas, a little big Halloween. And now, there's a Nightmare Before Christmas Target kitchen collection which you're going to love year-round.

I'm talking about everything you could need for your kitchen — from mugs to salt pepper shakers to dish towels — all with your favorite Nightmare Before Christmas characters and decorations. As I said, it's a little bit early to already be jumping in with Christmas and Halloween decorations, but most of these items are available on pre-order.

Also, just a warning: Target is bursting with Nightmare Before Christmas merch, some of which is new and on pre-order and some of which is all ready to go, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled if you get stuck in a browsing hole. If you have a tendency to click and click and click and suddenly realize you've filled a cart with hundreds of dollars of trinkets you've never needed, then you and I are soulmates. But also, not all of it might be ready to ship right away.

So what can you expect from these new kitchen options? Well, a whole lot of spooky cuteness. Here are the pieces that you can't miss.


Jack And Sally Salt And Pepper Set

Firstly, a small — but by no means understated — option. This salt and pepper set features your favorite duo, Jack and Sally. It's definitely a fun way to spice up your food and could be a bit of a talking point on any dinner table.


Jack Skellington Apron

Do you get spooky in the kitchen? Probably not, because it would be pretty hard to cook "spookily". But you can still live up your own fantasy with this Jack Skellington apron. I can picture you singing "What's This" as you do your fall baking — and I love it.


Sally Skellington Halloween Mug

It's not just Jack that deserved all of the attention. To be honest, I always find the idea of face-based mugs a little weird — are we meant to be drinking their brains? Do we kind of weirdly kiss their foreheads as we take a sip? But, with those reservations in mind, this is a pretty stellar addition to any mug collection.


Nightmare Before Christmas Ceramic Bowl

These bowls are probably the most understated of the lot — emblazoned with "simply meant to be", they're a subtle nod to the cinematic masterpiece, without featuring actual skeletons dancing around.


Jack Skellington Ceramic Halloween Mug

Finally, if you want something really iconic, the Jack Skellington mug certainly fits that bill. I still maintain drinking out of heads is weird, but it somehow feels less weird when that head is an actual skeleton — bones make more sense in mug form than flesh does, for some reason. Plus, his face is really the image that everyone associates with the movie, so it's a great choice.

The movie certainly has inspired a lot of fans — and a lot of merch. You can get some Hot Topic Nightmare Before Christmas classics at the moment, but this Target line brings it straight into the kitchen. So get on it, because it's that time of the year... well, it almost is.