Tarte & Ulta Are Co-Designing A Palette That You Can Help Name

It's another Ulta-mate mashup! Tarte and Ulta are teaming up for a palette that is going to pull double duty, that will multi-task, and that will save time. Hold on. I have to stop writing this post and run around the room, doing cartwheels, tumblesaults, and engage in other gymnastic acts. I love a palette that does many things, that saves space in my makeup bag, that travels well, and that eliminates guesswork. It sounds like that's what this palette is going to be all about.

Tarte did not reveal any further critical intel in its Insta post, like what exact products or features will be the focus of the palette. But the brand did ask for the assistance of makeup mavens in co-designing this palette. How can you help?

The brand and the retailer want fans and customers to help come up with a name for it and to provide inspirational quotes for potential use in the packaging.

In a way, this effort would make fans co-producers of the palette. The brand asked that fans share their suggestions in the comment field of the Instagram post.

Here is the exact ask: "Share an inspirational quote or message in the comments, and it could appear on an upcoming palette!"

OMG, amazing!

Hmm. This is a fun exercise for makeupistas. Have you been brainstorming ideas and have your shared them with Tarte and Ulta?

Tarte palettes give life... or at least beautiful eyelids and cheeks. I have to assume the new Tarte x Ulta palette will feature products that can be used on a variety of facial features, given how they are hyping it as a multi-tasker. I also have to assume it will be an Ulta exclusive.

Courtesy of Tarte Cosmetics

Remember, the Swamp Queen Palette had an inspirational quote stamped on the mirror. I think it's amazing when your makeup palette "talks back" and reminds you of your general awesomeness while you get ready in the a.m. It's a beautiful thing.