Taylor Swift Dressed Up As Your Favorite Disney Princess For NYE

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

2018 was a major year of Taylor Swift. Not only did she go on tour for her Reputation album, but she also just happened to film it for a Netflix movie. Now, she's kicking off the new year with some fun. Taylor Swift's Ariel costume may not be what you expected the star to wear for her New Year's Eve party, but you'll be glad she did once you see the photos.

On New Year's Eve, Swift took to her Instagram account to share a rare photo of she and her infamous squad. Swift has been much less public with her friends since her Reputation album came out, even suggesting in her song "This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things" that the media coverage of her formerly famous parties and the much talked about feuds with fellow celebrities led her to stop making them public.

Now, she's back online with her close friends like GiGi Hadid and Blake Lively celebrating the new year, and her childhood hero theme was so great. If you were curious why exactly Swift was donning a red wig and Little Mermaid costume, that's why. Honestly, she looked great, and she still got to rock that classic red lip of hers.

Swift's outfit wasn't just a silly mermaid tail and a bikini top, though. She rocked a full on sparkling gown that featured holographic green faux fins and a sequin top that mimicked Ariel's shells. In what may be one of the best details, though, she had a crab (obviously meant to be Sebastian) slung over her shoulders.

Of course, Swift wasn't alone in dressing up. Friend and fellow celebrity Gigi Hadid attended Swift's New Year's Eve party as none other than Mary Poppins herself. It's honestly particularly timely given that Disney just released Mary Poppins Returns. Think Hadid has seen it yet?

Then there was Blake Lively who attended the party as The Wizard of Oz's Dorothy Gale. Lively looked perfectly on theme in her blue and white gingham dress, socks, ruby slippers, and pigtails.

Gigi Hadid/Instagram

Long time fans of Swift may also recognize the Posh Spice in the photos as the singer's longtime best friend Abigail Anderson. Her curly locks were tucked under a very Victoria Beckham wig, and the dress she was rocking was 90s perfection. Anderson, however, didn't post photos of the human attendees, but she did offer fans a look at another important guest: Swift's cat Meredith.

Of course, Swift and her friends may not have just been celebrating the start of a new year. While the night did call for festivities, there was another reason to celebrate. Swift's Reputation Tour documentary premiered at midnight PT, and in Instagram stories from friends like Hadid and Anderson, they seemed to have potentially all watched the premiere together.

If you were thinking that Swift and her friends may have gone full out glam for New Year's, you'd be kind of right. Swift was a seriously glam Ariel in that gown, but the coolest thing about their night was seeing a ton of fab ladies have a good time celebrating the holiday and their friend.