Taylor Swift Just Revealed Her New Album Will Be Her Most Personal One Yet

by Kristie Rohwedder
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

On the Wednesday, April 1 episode of Apple Music's Beats 1 show, Taylor Swift teased new album details that hint that it could be her most personal release yet. The "Look What You Made Me Do" singer told host Zane Lowe that the upcoming record is “much more playful and actually inward facing," pivoting away from Reputation's dark tone. “Like, when you get into this album, it’s much more about me as a person — no pun intended with the song title,” she explained. “But it’s kind of taking those walls, taking that bunker down from around you that I felt like I had to put up.”

Unless you are a boulder-sized pile of shed snakeskin, you know the first look at this new playful and inward facing era has already been unveiled: On April 26, Swift released “ME!" featuring Panic! At the Disco’s Brendon Urie. The song? A ray of sunshine. The music video? Lively and bright. This duet? A bona fide dream.

Speaking of this dream duet, Lowe attempted to get to the bottom of whether or not there will be any other guest artists featured on TS7, but it was no use: Swift played her cards close to her vest. And then she locked the cards and and the vest in a chest. And then she sent the locked chest into outer space. “I can’t say that, but I really, really appreciate you being curious about it,” she deadpanned. “Thank you.”

As fans know all too well, Swift loves to sprinkle Easter eggs all over her art. This new music video is no exception. Swift told Lowe that her fans are “very clever” when it comes to sussing out Easter eggs, but then added, “There are fewer people who know the next single title.” Lowe asked if that means the next single will not be called “Lover," alluding to one of the many fan theories sparked by the "ME!" music video. She then launched another set of cards, vest, and locked chest into space. “I’m not going to say anything," she replied. "I’m not going to break. You think you’re dealing with an amateur?”

Like cats, red lipstick, and dancing in the audience at award shows, Easter eggs are a major part of Swift's legacy. And thankfully, it sounds like she is going to keep on laying those Easter eggs. “The Easter egg hunts, when they stop being fun for my fans, I’ll stop doing them, but they seem to be having fun with them — and I think that with music I’m always trying to expand the experience from just being an audio one," she told Zane. "Like, if I can turn it into something that feels symbolic or seems like a scavenger hunt or seems like some kind of brain game that feels like it’s more, then that’s something to keep in mind as a goal, for me. I just want to entertain them on as many levels as I possibly can.”

Easter may be over, but don't put your wicker basket back in your attic just yet. Swift's going to keep giving us clues to collect.