Taylor Swift Just Revealed Her New Album Will Have More Songs Than Any Of Her Previous Ones

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It's only natural that one of music's biggest superstars would supersize her next project. In fact, Taylor Swift's new album will have more songs than any of her previous six releases, the singer revealed in a new cover story interview with Entertainment Weekly (on stands May 10). “I started to write so much that I knew immediately it would probably be bigger,” said Swift, adding that she tries "not to go into making an album with any expectation."

Her revelation was one of few concrete details the singer has given fans about her forthcoming record, which she recorded in just less than three months immediately following her Reputation World Tour's November finale. Generally speaking, the 10-time Grammy winner prefers to let her beloved Swifties sort the details out for themselves. Case in point: Swift admitted she hid the album's not-yet-announced title in the much-hyped April 26 music video for "ME!"

"So... the new album title is actually revealed somewhere in the video AND so is the title of the second single, but I haven’t seen people finding them yet... 🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♀️ #MEmusicvideo," Swift tweeted the same day she dropped the new clip. (Since then, however, many fans have settled on either Kaleidoscope or Daisy.)

Usually, Swift admitted to EW, her fans are right on the money with their guesses, too. One devoted Swiftie even proved her point by posting a scary-accurate TS7 theory back in February. After Swift posted a tree-filled image with stars plastered across the sky (and included only palm trees in the caption), Twitter users @annaandmitch predicted a new single could be coming on April 26, which was also Arbor Day (hence all the trees) — simply by counting the number of stars included in the picture.

“I posted that the day that I finished the seventh album,” Swift added to EW of the aforementioned photo. “I couldn’t expect [my fans] to know that. I figured they’d figure it out later, but a lot of their theories were actually correct. Those Easter eggs were just trying to establish that tone, which I foreshadowed ages ago in a Spotify vertical video for ‘Delicate’ by painting my nails those [pastel] colors.”

Subsequent mysterious Instagram clues leading up to the new single and music video's release included photos of baby chicks wearing sunglasses, a diamond-encrusted heart, more pastel-hued imagery, including a pair of colorfully manicured hands, what appears to be a close-up shot of pink tulle fabric, another heart, as well as a shot of her beloved cats, Olivia and Meredith.

And Swifties are always down to crack the case. "I’ve trained them to be that way,” Swift also told EW. “I love that they like the cryptic hint-dropping. Because as long as they like it, I’ll keep doing it. It’s fun. It feels mischievous and playful.”

What else do fans have to look forward to on the new album (besides everything)? Well, "a lot," Swift added to EW of the "emotional spectrum" of tunes that will run the gamut of "joyful songs," "bops," and some “really, really, really, really sad songs,” but “not enough to where you need to worry about me.”

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It'll also be much different than reputation. “This time around I feel more comfortable being brave enough to be vulnerable, because my fans are brave enough to be vulnerable with me," said the singer. "Once people delve into the album, it’ll become pretty clear that that’s more of the fingerprint of this — that it’s much more of a singer-songwriter, personal journey than the last one.”

She also echoed those sentiments during the May 1 episode of Apple Music's Beats 1 show, noting that her seventh album is “much more playful and actually inward facing" that reputation. As she explained in the interview: “Like, when you get into this album, it’s much more about me as a person — no pun intended with the song title. But it’s kind of taking those walls, taking that bunker down from around you that I felt like I had to put up.”

Whatever Swift has in store, she's sure to bring the fire — and Swifties will be ready for it.