Here’s Why Teddy Is Waiting To Tell Owen She’s Pregnant On ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Derek Johnson/ABC

Grey's Anatomy has been drawing out Teddy's big pregnancy reveal since the end of Season 14, and if you're looking for the moment in which Teddy finally told Owen that she is pregnant with his child, well... you're out of luck. She hasn't told him yet. You have to wait. Teddy hasn't told Owen she's pregnant on Grey's Anatomy for a good reason. Really. She's staying mum (pun intended) because she doesn't want to hurt anyone who's currently involved in this very complicated adult love triangle. Isn't martyrdom like, the most Teddy thing possible?

A big secret like the one that Teddy is carrying can't stay a secret even when HIPAA laws dictate that a doctor can't rat on his or her patient, even if she's hiding something so huge that it will change everything. Like, everything. Maggie knows that Teddy is pregnant following a one-night stand with Owen (which was years in the making and frankly, pretty anti-climactic), and Maggie, being Maggie, just couldn't keep it inside. So she told her half-sister, Meredith. Meredith decided to reach out to Teddy and be all, "motherhood is hard, so you better make sure that you want to do this right now." That's Mer — always ready with a scary reality or statistic to shock you back down to Earth. Never one for the warm and fuzzies.

While Teddy was making cookies at Meredith's house (Izzy is and was the only baker allowed in this kitchen, so I'm not trying to see this whole 'I can be a good mom because I can bake' scene), she dumped a big truth on Meredith. Yes, she's pregnant, and yes, she would love to be with Owen, but she feels that can't tell Owen about the baby because he's such a good guy that if she was all, "I'm carrying your baby," Owen would immediately "claim her" (which is a really icky way of putting it) and they would live happily ever after. While this may seem like the ideal scenario, it's not, because it breaks up a family that's already in motion — Owen, Amelia, and their two wards. If Owen is happy right now with Amelia, Teddy says, well, she just can't handle messing that up. And she, in true Teddy "I'll marry an almost-dead man" fashion, can't live with that on her conscious. She'll move back to Germany where she has socialized healthcare and a "great OB" and everything will be fine.

Teddy certainly has a point, because Owen is a human labrador retriever. He will cuddle onto anything that shows him even the slightest bit of love and Teddy doesn't want what happened in Germany to happen again — Owen, scared of being alone, came to her and claimed to be in love with her just because he was no longer with Amelia. It's not either/or, Owen. Sometimes, you can be alone. And Teddy knows that having half of Owen isn't worth it, especially when his heart could be somewhere else.

Most striking in this portion of the episode was how much I enjoyed Meredith and Teddy spending so much time together. Meredith is the sage, wise surgeon of Grey Sloan, and even though she and Teddy are contemporaries, Meredith could drop some knowledge on her very confused colleague. Is this the Grey's Anatomy friendship none of us knew we needed? In any case, Teddy's pregnancy will only get more complicated, as Meredith says, and Teddy needs to tell Owen yesterday that she's carrying his child. The answers may not come easy, but everyone needs all the information before they can start to make some very big choices.