Why Tegan From 'HTGAWM' Might Turn On Annalise & The Keating 5

Mitch Haaseth/ABC

How to Get Away with Murder may not live up to its name by the end of Season 5. Nate is doing almost everything he can to squander his murder cover up, Gabriel is poking around at Sam's murder case, the Keating kids refuse to mind their own business, and Annalise is unfortunately at the center of it all. But, last week’s episode left some fans with an unexpected question – will Tegan become an enemy on HTGAWM? This fan fave might be the crew’s latest threat.

While Annalise is out saving the world, Tegan has been stuck at Caplan & Gold with the law clinic kids. As usual, she’s frustrated with everyone — especially Michaela — and their failure to get Nate on board with a wrongful death case. Of course, she’s completely oblivious about Nate’s involvement in DA Miller’s murder, which is why he’s been so “hard to reach.”

Tegan brought this to Annalise’s attention, who told her to drop the case because Nate was hopeful for a criminal trial. She was understandably taken aback by Annalise’s firm request, but she agreed to let it go. But, nothing is ever easy on this show because the Keating crew always does something to stir up suspicion.

Tegan approached Michaela and Connor, who said that Nate wouldn’t want to take on any fights, including a criminal trial, at all. She questioned them about lying and called Michaela out for once again being a snake. Well, there goes Michaela’s shot at trying to impress (and possibly date) Tegan, right?

Connor and Michaela later told Annalise that Tegan was yet another person to worry about due to her suspicion. And, they were proved to be right as Tegan investigated Miller’s murder on her work computer. She also whipped out a burner phone and left a message for FBI Special Agent Telesco about setting up a meeting. There was also a flashback of them talking about her immunity deal, which is obviously connected to her blowing the whistle on Jorge Castillo last season.

It was a shocking moment for fans because Tegan and Annalise seem to be great co-workers and friends despite a rocky start. And, there were shippers who hoped they would hook up and somehow have a happy life in the midst of murder. Tegan has all the reasons to NOT trust the Keating law students since Simon’s almost-murder last season but she has been cautiously playing nice for Annalise's sake. Her role has primarily been popping up for the occasional gossip or scathing one-liner, but that has changed because she is filled with legit questions.

How do all these murders keep happening in places with the same people present? Why are the kids lying about Nate? And, how have two District Attorney’s have been killed in a short amount of time? Tegan is certainly as smart as Annalise, so it won’t take her long to piece together what is going on.

Honestly, it's hard to blame her for coming forward with any knowledge or suspicions. She nearly lost her career and reputation behind the Castillo conundrum and she’s not going to risk it all again to save some law students whom she doesn't like anyway. Tegan doesn't know about their murderous past and she's simply trying to do the right thing before she gets caught up again.

However, if Tegan starts talking, then her story still probably won't end well because people who "investigate" this group end up dead or in prison. She certainly has the intelligence and connections to bring down this mounting house of lies but the cost may not be worth it. Annalise would take the fall for being complicit and, well, Frank would probably murder Tegan on his way to prison. Annalise may genuinely like Tegan, she likes life outside of prison walls more. So, Tegan might want to sit this one out and mind her business.

What will Tegan do next? The only way to find out if she teams up with the FBI or joins the #KeatingCrew is by tuning on Thursdays for more jaw-dropping plot twists and revelations.