You Can Get This 'Game Of Thrones' Margarita At TGI Fridays Now

You haven't been the only one glued to your screens since the premiere of the last season of Game of Thrones. Most of us have watched the episode — at least once — and have been hunting the internet for Easter eggs and plot clues ever since. Seriously, they should just put life on hold until season eight is finished. And brands have been just as excited for the premiere as we have — and TGI Fridays DroGo Big ’Rita is proof of that.

The DroGo Big ’Rita is basically the giant strawberry margarita of your dreams. The company dropped its announcement of this new drink special on social media, with the slightly ominous caption: "DroGo Big 'Rita. Night gathers, and now my Friday begins." You probably recognize the paraphrasing of the opening lines of the oath for the Night's Watch, "Night gathers, and now my watch begins..." There's also the DroGo name, presumably a nod to Khal Drogo, Jason Momoa's gigantic character who was married to Daenerys, aka the Mother of Dragons, serving as the Khal to her Khaleesi. And, just to really Game of Thrones it up, there's a picture of a looming, heavy-breathing dragon — presumably Drogon, named for Drogo — in the background of this margarita. So it's a fitting, fiery tribute all around.

This giant strawberry marg is served as part of their "Go Big" drinks series — coming in at around ten bucks, according to Delish, this drink is so big that one glass won't contain it. That's why it's served with the shaker, so you can enjoy those top ups of your larger-than-life drink. With some fresh strawberries and lime on top, it looks ready to please.

It's easy to eat your way into Game of Thrones fandom. This isn't the first TGI Fridays Game of Thrones offering we've seen. In the UK, the company introduced and epic Dragon-Slayer Feast with some ginormous, meaty options for those who wanted to channel their inner Wildling and just go for it. Seriously, the feast has bigger and badder platters of meat than you could imagine, with names like Dragon Fire Hot Wings and The Bucket of Beast Bones. If you want a sweeter way to show your fandom, then Game of Thrones Oreos are a total hit — rocking different GoT-inspired designs, so you can put your loyalty where your mouth is. Of course, if you think that you're the creative type — or just like to make a mess in the kitchen — you can throw your own viewing party with Game of Thrones recipes and themed drinks. The second episode of season eight is just around the corner, so it's already time to get excited. (Spoiler alert: I am already excited. So are you. We can all only get more excited.)

You can celebrate Game of Thrones anyway you want to, but I feel like a giant strawberry margarita is always a reason to celebrate — no matter what else is going on. Call it Drogo-inspired, theme it to go with the Night's Watch — I'm not fussy. It's giant, sweet, full of alcohol, and pairs well with Game of Thrones. That's all I need to know. DroGo Big 'Ritas all around.