The Best U.S. City To Get Married Is A Place Disney Fans Will LOVE


Planning a wedding can be emotionally and financially overwhelming. Right off the bat there's pressure to set a date, pick a look, and choose a location, but thanks to Wallethub's new survey on the best places to get married in the US, that last part may have gotten a little easier.

The average American wedding costs $35,000, so it's not exactly cheap to publicly throw a party to celebrate your love and/or legal matrimony. For your wallet's sake, it's definitely worth it to to find out what spots have the best cost benefits. With this in mind, Wallethub's analysts compared more than 180 U.S. cities to find not only the cheapest but also the most convenient wedding destinations.

Using 23 indicators of "wedding-friendliness," which range from average wedding cost to venues and event spaces per capita to hotel availability to flower costs and local attractions, the survey was able to piece together a broad spectrum of places that are more likely to offer up a day to remember. And by "day to remember," they mean one without a credit card bill that lasts until your seventh anniversary.

Here are the top 10 cities to get married in the United States, according to Wallethub's calculations.


Orlando, Florida

Disney devotees are in luck, because Orlando, Florida ranks first in the best places to get married. Not only are there plenty of attractions and affordable spots to do the deed, but if you're really trying to rein in your spending, you can literally visit 11 countries during a honeymoon at Epcot Center for fractions on the dollar of what you'd spend actually going to said places.


Washington D.C.

Our nation's capital has plenty of monuments and tree-lined streets to enjoy, but matrimony-minded folks will also be drawn in by the sheer number of event planners. Out of all the American cities, Washington D.C. has the most event planners per capita, which means there's no shortage of folks to turn to if you need to outside assistance planning your day.


El Paso, Texas

It may not have a glamorous reputation, but El Paso does have the lowest average wedding costs in the entire country. There are also gorgeous state parks in the region alongside a picturesque tram that takes you through the mountains, which sure isn't bad if you're trying to save some bucks. (If all your exes happen to live in Texas, however, it might not be the locale for you.)


Miami, Florida

Sunny Miami ranks fifth overall in the best places to get married. With stunning beaches, world-renowned cuisine, colorful architecture, and non-stop nightlife, it's definitely a coveted spot for tying the knot.


Las Vegas, Nevada

A longtime favorite for the quickie wedding, Las Vegas ranks second best overall for wedding destinations. Getting a marriage license is a quick in and out at the Courthouse, and there's no shortage of chapels to get married in — let alone campy characters to marry you, if you're into that sort of thing — and hotels for your guests are bountiful. There's also a real cultural cache about getting married in Vegas, which can work for or against you, depending on what kind of couple you are.


Detroit, Michigan

You may think Las Vegas is brimming with places to tie the knot, but it's actually Detroit with the most wedding chapels and churches per capita, which is important, particularly if you're a person of faith.


New York City, New York

New York City leads the way in three important categories. Gotham has the most bridal shops per capita, the most flower shops per capita, and most attractions. Wedding massive and tiny are well-suited for the ninth best city overall to get hitched.


Atlanta, Georgia

Back in the 19th century Atlanta was literally called "the city of love," so it only makes sense that it would rank third overall in places to get married. From historic sights and botanical gardens to sporting events and greenery, Atlanta offers a lot to couples planning at wedding.


Glendale, California

For those not into the "irony" of rain on your wedding day, Glendale, California ranks #1 in the Best Weather category, which is kinda a big deal if you're planning to have a ceremony or party outside.


Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles comes in fourth in Wallethub's list of best places overall to get married. The activities and facilities are nearly unparalleled, although the pricing is a bit on the steeper side. Although there are many factors that go into deciding where to have your ceremony and/or afterparty (like where you live, where you families live, etc.)

Of course, the best place to get married is wherever you and your partner want to get married, but these affordable, low-stress, good-weather options are definitely worth keeping in mind if you're planning a wedding in the near future.