This Is The Most Common Thing People Do Right Before Sex, According To A New Survey

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For a couple who just got married, the wedding night is historically famous for one thing — it's the special time when couples are supposed to have sex for the first time as newlyweds. But like many wedding traditions, this one dates back to a time when newlyweds may have not had sex before they got married — and definitely didn't live together. That isn't exactly representative of modern relationships where, well, a lot of us have been having sex and living together for some time.

And new data of 383 people, including both newlyweds and guests, from Wedding Wire, the wedding planning site, shows that only 40 percent of couples actually have sex on their wedding night — which is kind of funny when you think about how much those wedding suites can cost. As for the guests? One in five got down on someone else's wedding night.

And the Wedding Wire data also looked into what was happening on wedding nights instead. So what else did couples get up to on their wedding night? Here's what Wedding Wire found, from social media posting to partying all night long, because doesn't eating food in bed in your wedding attire sound more fun anyway?


Had Sex: 40%

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Only 40 percent of couples actually had sex on their wedding night. The good news? It was the most popular wedding night activity. The bad news? That still means only 60 percent could find the time (or the energy) to get down.


Ate Food In Bed: 26%

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OK, so actually, maybe this is better than sex. Twenty-six percent of couples used their wedding suite for the purest joy of all — eating food in bed.


Looked At Photos Of Their Wedding On Social Media: 25%

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But social media will be there the next day. For some, they just couldn't wait.


Opened Their Wedding Gifts: 23%

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Picture a big pile of presents and a few glasses of champagne in you — and it would be pretty easy to turn into a toddler on Christmas morning. Let your presents free, my friends, let them free.


Stayed Up All Night Partying: 22%

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Apparently 22 percent of couples have some real stamina — they stay up all night partying. I know a few couples who have danced the night away until five or six in the morning (while I was happily back in bed by one). They are made of pretty stern stuff.

Even though there's this idea that couples should have a ton of sex on their wedding night, your wedding should ultimately be about what you want to do. If you want to have sex, great. If you want to eat tacos in your underwear while watching Criminal Minds and opening gifts, that's also great. It's the perfect night to just do you.