The 12 Best Breast Petals

When it comes to building out your lingerie lineup, nipple covers tend to be the last item in the underwear drawer. Between finding the perfect nude to match your skin tone and determining the ideal shape for your nipple, shopping for the best breast petals can be almost as difficult as finding the perfect bra.

On top of that, there are so many different nipple covers for different uses, too. Some people use nipple pasties as a way to embrace body positivity, while others opt to use them in place of traditional bras. And while everyone wants their pasties to be adhesive, the other requirements for breast petals change drastically from person to person.

Luckily, relying on the limited selection of pasties in the pharmacy aisle is a thing of the past. There are a plethora of options online for shoppers hoping to expand their selection of unmentionables. Whether you want to invest in a luxurious hypoallergenic set of nipple covers to sport under a skimpy dress or simply want to use sequined pasties as a form of empowerment like Miley Cyrus, the Internet has your back.

Here you’ll find the best breast petal options on the web— from discreet options to sets that you'll want to show off.

1. The Perfect Pasties To Protect Your Nipple


URSMART Reusable Silicone Nipple Covers, $10 (set of 4), Amazon

The worst part of sporting pasties is ripping them off. Thankfully, URSMART considered this painful process and created an adhesive-free center to cater to nipple’s sensitivity. These hypoallergenic nipple covers are not only washable but can be worn up to 100 times.

2. The Perfect Pasties For Sensitive Skin


Nippies Skin Hypoallergenic Nipple Covers, $25, Amazon

These pasties are made with hypoallergenic silicone and no adhesive making them the perfect solution for people with sensitive skin. Not only do Nippies Skin come in two separate sizes for both A through D cups and DD and up, but they also offer three different skin tones, including Creme, Coco (shown), and Caramel.

3. The Perfect Pasties For Scoring The Best Value


U-Pretty Reusable Adhesive Silicone Nipple Cover, $15 (set of 8), Amazon

Sometimes the hardest part about investing in pasties is knowing their adhesive will wear out eventually and leave you with a useless piece of silicone. Luckily, this set of eight breast petals comes in at less than $2 a pair.

4. The Perfect Pasties For Larger Nipple Sizes


Nip-It Reusable Larger Nipple Cover, $22, Amazon

While many retailers are finally realizing that breasts come in all shapes and sizes, many forget that means nipples do too. Thankfully Nip-It understands people with larger nipples need pasties too. That’s why they created reusable petal-shaped nipple covers with a 4-inch diameter. These waterproof pasties are perfect for C-cups and up, or anyone with larger nipples.

5. The Perfect Pasties For Seamless Coverage


Nudwear Daisies Reusable Nipple Cover, $20, Amazon

There’s a reason these top-rated petal pasties acquired almost 300 rave reviews on Amazon — they’re carefully designed with ultra-thin invisible edges, use German medical-grade adhesive, and come with a convenient travel case.

6. The Perfect Pasties That Come In Six Shades Of Nude


Rose LeMarc Premium Waterproof Silicone Nipple Covers, $20 (pack of 2), Amazon

Rose LeMarc understands that nude is not a color, which is why they developed a Nude Revolution series of nipple covers to match a wider variety of skin tones. These pasties are available in six different shades and engineered to last. You can even take them for a swim— they should stay put in water up to 6 feet deep.

Now For A Few Fun Ones...

7. The Perfect Pair For Lingerie-Lovers


Nippies Cross Waterproof Fabric Pasties, $12 (set of 2), Amazon

Nippies created luxurious fabric nipple covers for anyone who might be allergic to the standard silicone options. Each pack includes both a satin and lace set that are winkle-free and perfect for a lingerie-lovers.

8. The Perfect Pink Pasties For Mermaids


Pastease Glittering Pink Mermaid Seashell Nipple Pasties, $10, Amazon

These handmade seashell pasties are created in the U.S. out of no-mess pleather material, so you can sparkle all night long without any glittery residue. One Amazon user even put Pastease’s medical-grade adhesive to the test raving “I was out dancing all night in the very humid climate I live in and they stayed on no problem.”

9. The Perfect Pasties For Burlesque-Lovers


YallFairy Tassel Lingerie Pasties, $14 (set of 9), Amazon

Become the burlesque babe you always dreamed of becoming with YallFairy’s sequined tassel pasties. Each set comes with nine pairs of different colored heart-shaped pasties perfect to match every colorful fantasy. And with a reusable adhesive backing, you’ll be able to wear them more than once.

10. The Perfect Pasties If You're Feeling Lit AF


Pastease Red Hot Glitter Flame Nipple Pasties, $10, Amazon

Heat up the bedroom with a little help from these flaming glitter nipple covers. You won’t have to worry about whether they can take the heat — Pastease uses medical-grade waterproof adhesive on their USA-made creations. So stick on the pleather and prepare to feel fire.

11. The Perfect Pasties To Feel Like A Star


Pastease Silver Glitter Star With Fringe Nipple Pasties, $10, Amazon

Handmade in the USA, Pastease silver tassel pasties are perfect for a rockstar and the easiest way to adventure into a new universe of unique pasty options. These tassel pasties not only use a medical-grade waterproof adhesive but also provide full protection with a 1.55-inch diameter.

12. The Perfect Pasties For A Tropical Vacation


Pastease Yellow Glitter Pineapple Nipple Pasties, $10, Amazon

‘Cause if you like piña coladas and body positivity, you’ll definitely love these adorable yellow glitter pineapple pasties. Pastease’s handmade nipple covers promise to last 10 to 12 hours and use eco-fi material that forms to the body’s curves. Now all you need is a beach!

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