The 12 Best Yoga YouTube Videos For When You Don’t Feel Like Going To Class

Roman Samborsky/Shutterstock

Yoga is a popular practice that many people turn to boost their mindfulness, mood, and overall sense of wellness throughout the day. However, yoga classes aren’t always affordable, accessible, or practical for many people who still want to enjoy the practice. Thanks to the World Wide Web, though, there’s a ton of yoga YouTube workout videos if you don’t want to go to class.

“At any level — basic or advanced — yoga poses and breathing have wonderful benefits for your mind and your body,” Dr. Pamela Jeter, PhD, a yoga researcher at Johns Hopkins University, said of the practice. “Steady breathing is so important, and it also affects your nervous system in beneficial ways [...] Simply learning to plant your feet firmly as you do a pose strengthens the connections that keep you coordinated and flexible, for example.”

Though more research has to be conducted, studies have suggested that yoga can help with chronic stress, reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, reduce inflammation, and improve your cardiovascular health. Despite these benefits, hitting up your local yoga studio isn’t always an option. According to a 2016 article from The Atlantic, an average yoga class costs anywhere from $5 to $20, and yoga studio memberships can run you a couple hundred dollars each month. Not to mention, the yoga community tends to overlook people of color, disabled folks, and other underserved communities. It can also be just plain uncomfortable to be stuck in a crowded yoga studio, or difficult to make it to class times if you already have a packed schedule.

Fortunately, there’s no shortage of free yoga routines online if you want to skip in-person sessions — whether that’s because your wallet’s stretched, or you simply want to be in the comfort of your home. Here are 12 videos on YouTube so you can practice yoga anytime without having to leave your apartment.

1. A Morning Flow To Get You Moving

Yoga With Adriene on YouTube

If you're ready to kick off your morning with a cup of java and yoga, this half-hour routine led by yoga teacher Adriene Mishler will leave you feeling refreshed in the A.M. According to the YouTube video description, this flow "wakes up mind and body, providing you the energy you need to conquer your day."

2. A Restorative Routine To Inspire You

Lane Bryant on YouTube

Jessamyn Stanley is a yoga instructor, writer, and body positive advocate who teaches empowering yoga classes all across the U.S. (she's an all-around inspiration, TBH). This free restorative yoga routine taught by Stanley may clock in under 20 minutes, but it will leave you feeling more confident, and grounded.

3. A Workout That Will Make Your Heart Pump

Alo Yoga on YouTube

Instructor Koya Webb's routine combines traditional yoga poses with a common type of exercise: high-intensity interval training, aka, HIIT. If you want to break a sweat, this is the yoga flow for you.

4. A Short Routine For The Workday

Yoga by Candace on YouTube

In need of a quick yoga break during the day? This energizing routine led by Candace Moore simply requires a chair, and 12 minutes of your time. Whether you work from home, or you're on your lunch break at the office, it can help you get through the midday slump without having to hit up a busy class.

5. A Full-Length Class

lululemon on YouTube

This 45-minute practice with Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts is a "restorative practice to redefine the edge of effort and ease." Consider bookmarking this flow so you can save it for when you're in the mood for a longer at-home yoga class.

6. A Class For Beginners With Modifications

Melissa West on YouTube

This yoga sesh with Amber Karnes, the founder of Body Positive Yoga, is another great choice for beginners looking for a full-length class to try at home. This video includes modifications to make the practice more accessible to people who may not be able to do traditional poses.

7. A Yin Yoga Flow For Stress Relief

SarahBethYoga on YouTube

Yin Yoga is a gentler form of yoga that focuses on reaching the deep, connective tissues of the body through slow movements, and primarily mat stretches. Led by online yoga teacher Sarah Beth, this 30-minute class can help you alleviate stress, and begin (or end) the day feeling a bit more relaxed.

8. A Routine For Runners

adidas Women on YouTube

Calling all cardio lovers: This yoga flow led by international yoga instructor, Ida May, is for you. According to the video's description, this session "focuses on the hip flexors and hamstrings, conditioning key muscle groups and easing tightness."

9. An Intermediate Class

YOGA UPLOAD with Maris Aylward on YouTube

According to Verywell, Vinyasa yoga is all about the creating a smooth flow and sequence between poses. Taught by yoga instructor Maris Aylward, this hour-long class is geared towards more experienced students. However, Aylward's channel has a ton of both short and full-length yoga videos for people with a range of experience.

10. A Flexible, Friendly Routine

PsycheTruth on YouTube

Choosing to do yoga at your apartment doesn't mean you have to practice yoga alone. Grab a trusted friend, or your partner, to try out this short yoga routine that will work to improve your flexibility through a series of deep stretches.

11. A Yoga Flow For Tech Neck

Yoga With Adriene on YouTube

Let's face it: Many people spend a large portion of their day texting, scrolling through their phones, or staring at their computer screens — and that can lead to muscle stiffness, aka, "Tech Neck." Use this short yoga routine to help combat some of the soreness in your neck, upper back, or shoulders.

12. Bedtime Yoga

Yoga with Kassandra on YouTube

Want to sleep more soundly? Consider adding this 45-minute Yin Yoga flow led by Kassandra Reinhardt to your arsenal of free yoga videos to help you catch some Z's. The slow flow is a perfect addition to any bedtime routine.

Skipping out on in-person yoga classes doesn't mean you're skipping out on quality. Go ahead and get your flow on at home!