Consider This Your Ultimate Guide To The Absolute Best Makeup Organizers On Amazon

Makeup is one way to express our individuality and our playfulness, but without the best makeup organizers you may be more prone to grabbing your bright blush when you meant to apply a translucent powder or wind up late or dinner because you’re digging your eyeliner out from behind the washing machine. Human beings have been using some form of makeup for thousands of years, and I bet Cleopatra even spent hours looking for her kohl liner and eyeshadow every morning.

Apart from saving you time, having a way to keep your beauty products organized can ultimately save you money. When lids get lost, products dry out and when lipsticks get broken, clothes get ruined.

Having a mishmash of products can make a small space feel even smaller, and a palatial-sized bathroom feel cluttered. The right beauty storage pieces can make your life just a little bit easier, your home better organized, and even your travels less stressful.

With those goals in mind, the best makeup organizers below have been selected with consideration for different budgets, collection sizes, and space constraints. Whether you’re a makeup minimalist, or even a makeup professional, there is an organizer on this list that will fit your needs.


The Most Customizable Makeup Organizers

These stackable makeup organizers are incredibly popular, having racked up more than 7,900 reviews on Amazon. This three-piece version includes two sets of drawers and a container that can hold 12 lipsticks, glosses, or other small tubes. If you need more storage, you can purchase complementary items, like additional drawers, that can be stacked high or configured in a way that suits your counter space. The clear acrylic option makes it easy to see where everything is, but there are other semi-transparent color options, including purple, pink, and gray.

Fans say: “This organizer was literally everything I could have wanted it to be. It holds exactly what I wanted it to hold. I have my foundations, primers, lippies, eyeliners, tools, eyeshadows, highlighters, and bronzers stored in this organizer. Everything is stored nicely and looks super glam and I’m obsessed. It’s super sturdy, easy to clean and looks cohesive with my glass top vanity.”


The Best Makeup Organizer For Travel

The adjustable, deep compartments in this travel makeup train case make it easy to protect and fit everything you need, including palettes. The bag comes in 10 colors and prints and has nylon lining, making it easy to wipe off makeup residue. There’s a pocket for makeup brushes with a flap that separates them, keeping them clean and protected. Users have also reporting using the brush slots to store other slim products like eyeliners and lip pencils. An additional zipper pocket will keep smaller items like Q-tips, cotton pads, hair ties, and bobby pins in one place. Reviewers were so impressed with the quality and the overall value of the bag, in fact, that many shared they’ve bought additional ones for themselves and as gifts.

Fans say: “This makeup bag is exactly what I’ve been looking for!!! It’s hard exterior protects my makeup, the adjustable dividers allow for multiple uses, my brushes are protected from getting dirty and the zipper pocket is big enough to hold my palettes. It’s very durable, not too bulky, and the handle makes it easy to carry.”


The Best Rotating Beauty Organizer

This makeup organizer has 360-degree rotation for convenient access to all of your products. The six trays have adjustable heights that make it easy to fit upright bottles of nail polish, hairspray, lotions, and foundations of almost any size. There’s even a dedicated spot for makeup brushes, which can also be used to store your toothbrush and toothpaste.

Fans say: “I easily got 14 foundations, 5-6 skincare products, an 8 oz bottle of toner, and maybe 12 nail polishes into this unit with lots of room to spare. Best part: the little slots on the top are pretty generously sized and it's the only place I can get my stick foundations to fit.”


The Best For Organizing Makeup Brushes

The six compartments of this makeup brush organizer keep your brushes sorted by size and application so it’s easier to grab the one you need when you need it. The sleek container has a near perfect rating of 4.8 stars, and reviewers rave about how many tools it can hold. The organizer is made from heavy-duty acrylic that won’t tip over easily, and the rubberized bottom will keep it from sliding around on your counter.

Fans say: “I love this organizer! Before I couldn't find any of my makeup brushes. The container is great quality and has rubber dots on the bottom to keep from slipping. My bathroom looks so much better since I've been using this.”


The Best For Storing Lipsticks

With 40 slots, this lipstick holder will give your regular-sized tubes a home on your countertop so you can easily see all of the shades at once. The slots don’t have to be solely used for traditional lipsticks, either. Reviewers share that this organizer works for storing lip glosses, lip pencils, concealers, and even glass rollerball perfumes or vials of essential oils. At such an affordable price, you can buy more as your makeup collection grows.

Fans say: “I have been looking for the perfect holder for my lipstick and lip glosses. This is it! It holds square, round, and odd shaped tubes.”


An Organizer Made For Eyeliners And Lip Liners

Made from tough acrylic that stays in place wherever you put it, this eyeliner and lip liner organizer has a total of 26 slots for pencils— 20 to hold standard-sized liners and an additional six for the thicker, larger sized ones (up to 0.6 inches wide). You could even use a slot or two for lip brushes.

Fans say: “Love the make up pencil holder. It holds [everything] from lip liners, to eye liners, to thick eye shadow pencils. It was a nice surprise to see that they were different sizes. It looks great on my vanity and makes it easy to look for specific colors and products. No more searching around in my drawer for an item.”


The Best Organizer For Makeup Palettes

This beauty organizer has individual slots to store up to 10 makeup palettes. However, the slot dividers are easily removable if you need to make room for thicker packaging or want to group a few palettes by category, like kits for eye shadows, cheeks, or contouring. The slots are small enough to securely keep compacts of all heights in place, but thanks to the open-sided design, there's more freedom to be able to store palettes that are longer or wider, like the popular Urban Decay Naked Palette.

Fans say: “I am so freaking in love with By Alegory organizers. I own one of these in pink and it's beautiful, sturdy and large enough for big palettes.”


The Best Travel Makeup Brush Organizer

This makeup brush case is so good, several professional makeup artists give it their personal recommendation, reporting that they are impressed by how many brushes it can hold — enough, in some cases, for multiple clients. Though it’s not as big as the makeup train case included above, it travels light and packs a lot more than just brushes.

The sleek case also has a removable mesh pocket big enough for compacts, individual shadows, or makeup pots, as well as two additional zip pockets for smaller accessories like tweezers and bobby pins. A double zipper closure keeps everything inside easy to reach and protected.

Fans say: “I bought this more to organize my brushes for daily use rather than for travel (although it will work great for that too!). I got so sick of fumbling through trays of brushes trying to find the one I needed. That was super frustrating! Having my brushes all laid out in an organized fashion is now a joy and I wonder why I waited so long to find something like this."


The Best To Keep Your Drawers Organized

If you want to keep your makeup and beauty products tucked away in a drawer, these bamboo trays will help you stay organized. Made from 100% bamboo, the smooth surface is easy to clean with soap and water — making it a cinch to wipe up makeup spills. This set comes with five trays of varying sizes that you can configure as needed depending on the dimensions of your drawer. The largest tray has three compartments big enough for palettes and bottles of foundation. One elongated tray could hold brushes, mascara and pencils.

Fans say: “I ended up using these to organize my makeup/beauty products. I used the biggest one for my powdered face products, the long skinny one for foundation and BB creams, the big square for all eye products except liner and mascara and the small square and the long fat one for nail polish. I absolutely love these! They are made so well and are sanded nicely, no worries about splinters.”


A Beautiful Makeup Vanity

This makeup vanity is lovely way to designate a space just for beauty rituals. Made from solid wood, the table comes with a 360-degree pivoting mirror and a cushioned stool. There are five drawers of different sizes and with adjustable dividers to help keep your products organized, as well as three compartments directly below the mirror for your most used makeup items. There’s also enough counter space to display beautiful bottles or even a compact lighted mirror. The set comes in three color options, and some fans have even opted to customize it further by painting the drawers, swapping the pulls, or adding contact paper to the surface.

Fans say: “If I could give this 10 stars I would!!! It is STUNNING! Even more gorgeous than the pictures and that’s saying something! It has a beautiful soft silver with rose imprint stool. It’s very sturdy and was very easy to put together.”


The Best Organizer And Lighted Mirror Combo

This two-in-one makeup organizer has a trifold mirror with two-, three-, and 10-times magnification sections. The mirror is adjustable with 90-degree rotation and has LED lighting powered by a USB cord or batteries. If you have poor bathroom lighting, these bulbs are bright enough to make doing your makeup much easier. The acrylic tray underneath has two drawers and 18 built-in compartments for lipsticks, brushes, and/or mascara. The trays are also great for keeping your tweezers or other grooming tools within reach to use with the magnified mirror.

Fans say: “ I've always wanted a makeup mirror but didnt know what to purchase I came across this one and have to say I'm obsessed. Great lighting perfect for putting on makeup or tweezing my eyebrows. The organizer is a great bonus my most used products have been given a home.”


For When You Just Need The Essentials

If you don’t use a lot of products, or are just starting to build your makeup collection, this compact organizer measures only 7 inches by 6 inches, making it just the right size to hold a little bit of everything. Four multi-level, clear compartments help you see your beauty loot and the taller slots in the back will hold brushes and pencils in place. It's so small that you could also consider using it as a portable

Fans say: “Enough space for all my makeup. The quality of the product is very sturdy and with the varying heights, it helps with organizing all the makeup such that I can see everything at a single glance.”


13. An Over-The-Door Option For When You Have No Counter Space

This over-the-door basket organizer utilizes storage space you may have easily overlooked. Made from anti-rust, waterproof steel, this hanging organizer is a great choice for placing behind bathroom doors or, as one one reviewer shared, over a glass shower door. The wire baskets are tall enough to hold full-size bottles of beauty products and lotions, and wide enough to accommodate storage boxes or makeup bags with a bigger footprint. The steel organizer comes in three chic colors and fits at the top of doors that are around 2 inches thick.

Fans say: “I bought this to use in my bathroom to store makeup and hair and skin care products and I absolutely love it. It’s perfect for storing small items and it seems to hold quite a bit of weight already.”


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