The 'RHOC' Premiere Was So Quotable

Tommy Garcia/Bravo

The Real Housewives Of Orange County are 12 seasons in and still going strong. Instead of getting stale, the original show in the mega-franchise just keeps getting more entertaining. And with the hilarious and eventful July 10 premiere, the new season is off to a great start. The ladies are on point as always, and do not hold back when it comes to sharing their opinions. There were plenty of "I can't believe she just said that"-level quotes from the RHOC Season 12 premiere.

The premiere proves the Orange County women are still as quotable as ever, and it will be interesting to see which one-liners end up sticking around for the full season. Did anyone come up with the new "That's my opinion!" or "Why are you sending a family van?" Truthfully, it's too soon to know which quotes will end up resonating with the fandom to reach that level of iconic, but there were definitely some contenders during the first episode of this season, whether they were spoken to the camera, to a kid, or to each other.

Will any of these quotes be material for Twitter, memes, Watch What Happens Live games, or a t-shirt sold by the housewives themselves? Check out the 14 most outrageous quotes from the Real Housewives of Orange County Season 12 premiere and make your predictions on which of these catchphrases will stick.

1. "I Married My First Husband Because He Had A Really Nice Ass And A Great Car."

Vicki Gunvalson really does say the darnedest things. That's why she's the only original Housewife left standing in this franchise.

2. "She's A Beautiful Baby. Thank God, Because Jimmy's Not Beautiful."

Hopefully Meghan Edmonds was just kidding when she dissed her own husband's looks, but this was still a pretty awkward thing to say.

3. "Her Gym That Has An Empty Parking Lot Is Right There When You Drive By."

SHADE THROWN! Vicki insulted her frenemy Tamra Judge's business after Kelly Dodd asked, "Isn't her office like right here?" Tamra has to be fuming over that comment.

4. "It's Not Like Michael And I Are Banging Like A Screen Door In A Hurricane."

Kelly made this sex analogy while contemplating getting vaginal rejuvenation.

5. "They're Not The Popular Girls. We're The Popular Girls. They Want To Be Like Us And They Can't."

Vicki made it very clear that she has no interest in being friends with Tamra and Shannon Beador this season.

6. "This Is My Life: Just Farts And Super Heroes."

Vicki's daughter Briana Culberson described her life as a mom of two toddlers in a pretty hilarious way.

7. "It Was Like A Race Among Pigs."

Kelly had nothing but insults for Tamra during a conversation with Vicki about the fitness competition Tamra did last year. Kelly also claimed, "I would rather watch paint dry." Yikes.

8. "Labor Hurt A Lot. Then I Just Wanted To Take A Long Nap And I Couldn't. That's Pretty Much Been My Life Ever Since."

Welcome to motherhood, Meghan.

9. "Steve Is A Saint. He Has A Job. He Doesn't Hit On Me."

After saying, "It's so nice to like my mom's boyfriend for once," Briana couldn't help throwing some shade at Vicki's ex Brook Ayers with that comment.

10. "I Still Haven't Seen The Inside Of Heather's House. I've Seen Pictures On Instagram."

Apparently Tamra isn't hanging out with Heather Dubrow too much since she left the show.

11. "I Went To Prom In 1984. I'm Pretty Sure In 1985 I Was Knocked Up."

Tamra is always an open book. She never holds anything back.

12. "I'm The Friendship Whisperer."

After claiming that she could "help Vicki and Tamra get back together," Lydia McLaughlin dubbed herself the friendship whisperer. It will be interesting to see how that goal pans out for her this season.

13. "You Laughed So Hard You Peed Your Pants."

Lydia reminded Vicki (and the viewers) about Vicki peeing during the cast trip to Mexico and of course, they played a clip from the infamous episode right after.

14. It's Not Like 'Oh I Don't Like Your Dress.' It's Like 'I Want To Ruin Your Life.'"

Lydia definitely set the tone for the season with that line. The battle lines are drawn with Vicki and Kelly on one side and Shannon and Tamra on the other. It will (hopefully) be very interesting to see how the other ladies handle the divide in the cast.

If these quotes are any indication of the season to come, viewers are in for an outrageous, hilarious, and tea-spilling time in Orange County this year.