The 15 New Romance Novels Everyone On Goodreads Is Excited About

by Sadie Trombetta

From the moment the first spring flower shows its petals, bookworms everywhere start counting down the days until they can finally do what all bookworms live to do: beach reading. If you want to make sure your summer TBR list sizzles as much as the sun-baked sand you're reading it on, make sure it include the hottest romances of the summer. Not sure what they are? Don't worry, Goodreads has compiled the perfect list.

Everyone has their idea of the perfect beach read. Some people like to use the long summer afternoons to get lost in the world building of sci-fi and fantasy, while others prefer diving into a murder mystery they can solve before the sun goes down. Personally, I'm the kind of reader that likes to mix things up all season long, but my summer reading list is never complete without a little romance.

If you're starting to compile your own summer reading list, and romance is a must-have for you too, Goodreads can give you a head start. With the help of user reviews and "to be read" lists, they've rounded up the 15 romance novels book-lovers are most excited for. Trust me when I say, you're going to be excited about them, too.

'Love and Other Words' by Christina Lauren

In this stunning romance, a determined pediatrics resident has her carefully planned life thrown off course when the first and only love of her life reappears and threatens to burst her perfect bubble. Told in alternating timelines that show the couple's teen relationship and the possibility of love in the present, Love and Other Words is a beautiful and emotionally evocative story you won't soon forget. Read more.

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'Rebel Heir' by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward

The first in a brand new duet from Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward, Rebel Heir is just the beginning of a hot and heavy romance set in the Hamptons. Will the summer be one dreams are made of, or will a forbidden affair with a sexy, tattooed boss turn what was supposed to be the perfect season into a nightmare? Read more.

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'Birthday Girl' by Penelope Douglas

In this scandalous new romance from Penelope Douglas, 19-year-old Jordan finds herself falling for her boyfriend's 38-year-old father, Pike. Now that all three of them are living under the same roof, things are about to get really messy, and if Jordan and Pike have it their way, really, really hot. Read more.

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'The Seduction Expert' by Saya Lopez Ortega

In France, she was considered the most famous seduction expert in the world. Now, she's ready to take her years of experience and impeccable track record to New York, where she will help a whole new group of women get exactly what they want. Read more.

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'How to Walk Away' by Katherine Center

On what is supposed to be the happiest day of her life, everything Margaret Johnson has dreamed of is ripped away in a moment. In the hospital, she must learn how to cope with the fact things may never be the same again, and that she might have to look for love in the most unexpected of places. Read more.

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'Hot Asset' by Lauren Layne

In Lauren Layne's new series, a sexy FBI agent will stop at nothing to prove the hottest new guy on Wall Street is guilty as sin. The only problem is that the more she gets to know the handsome bad boy, the harder it is to stay innocent herself. Read more.

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'Good Girl' by Jana Aston

The protagonist in this novel decides to do something truly wild to get the attention of her sexy new boss: sell her virginity at auction. Read more.

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'Bad Boy Brody' by Tijan

With one punch, he went from Hollywood's Golden Boy to Bad Boy Brody. To get back on top, the actor, still reeling from his brother's death, signed onto an indie film sure to get him Oscar buzz. Little did he know the movie was based on a real-life murder, and that it and his costar would change a lot more than his career. Read more.

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'Matchmaking for Beginners' by Maddie Dawson

When Marnie MacGraw meets her fiancé's matchmaking great-aunt, she writes the old woman off as crazy. That is, until two weeks after her wedding, her marriage goes up in flames just as the woman said it would, and the newly heartbroken Marnie finds herself the heir of the matchmaker's home and projects. By fixing up her new friends and neighbors, can Marnie find a little happiness of her own? Read more.

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'The Kiss Quotient' by Helen Hoang (June 5)

The first in Helen Hoang's debut series, The Kiss Quotient tells the story of Stella Lane, a rich and successful woman with Asperger's who hires an escort to teach her the romantic ropes. But when Stella realizes she's enjoying her lessons a little too much, can she transform her paid partnership into a true love story? Read more.

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'Between You and Me' by Susan Wiggs (June 26)

In this poignant romance novel, cultures collide in a life-or-death situation that leaves one family and the doctor who wants to help. them changed forever. Between You and Me is a rich and complex story about faith, love, justice, and friendship you don't want to miss. Read more.

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'Getting Schooled' by Emma Chase (June 26)

Former high school star quarterback, celebrated coach, and favorite teacher in his hometown, Garrett Daniels is living life on top — that is, until Callie Carpenter comes home and knocks him off his feet. Fleeing a mess on the other side of the country she'd rather not talk about, Callie is less than thrilled to be living with her parents and substitute teaching, but having her former high school sweetheart back in her life just might make it all worth it. Read more.

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'Even Money' by Alessandra Torre (June 4)

The first in Alessandra Torre's new Al In Duet, Even Money is the start to a seductive and deadly story of a cocktail waitress and her steamy entanglement with a man who controls half of Vegas. Sexy and thrilling, this is the perfect beach read. Read more.

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'When We Found Home' by Susan Mallery (July 10)

In this heartwarming romance from Susan Mallery, three siblings who lived their entire lives apart learn how to be a blended family. For Callie and Keira, whose lives ran on similar paths, fitting in together is easy, but for Malcolm, navigating life with two new sisters in his home is a lot harder than he thought. That is, until he meets a beautiful barista who might just be able to teach him how to open up and let love in. Read more.

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'All Your Perfects' by Colleen Hoover (July 17)

In the latest from #1 New York Times bestselling author Colleen Hoover comes All Your Perfects, a powerful novel about a troubled couple and the one promise that just might be able to save their marriage. There is no doubt that Quinn and Graham are in love, but after years of built up mistakes and secrets, there is plenty of doubt around whether or not their relationship can survive. What will it take to preserve what they always thought could be a perfect love? Read more.

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