The 17 Best Jokes From 'Infinity War' That Will Help You (Temporarily) Forget All The Awful Stuff

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Spoilers ahead. For all the talk about the Marvel Cinematic Universe being popcorn, superhero fun, Avengers: Infinity War sure was a bummer. The movie began and ended with mass casualties, and while normally fans can count on leaving a Marvel movie energized and hopeful, this one left us all feeling defeated. Thankfully, the movie wasn't all doom and gloom, and these 17 best jokes from Infinity War are what will help you temporarily forget all the awful stuff that happened. So next time you start thinking about Peter Parker's heartbreaking, "I don't feel so good, Mr. Stark," try thinking about these jokes instead.

Infinity War brought together famously serious superheroes, like Doctor Strange and Black Widow, and famously ridiculous superheroes like the entire Guardians of the Galaxy crew. Sparks, and laughs, were bound to follow. Granted, what followed was also tragedy, but let's focus on the fun parts for now. After seeing Thor embrace his funny side Thor: Ragnarok, fans expected greatness from the God of Thunder's interactions with the Guardians, and Infinity War definitely delivered. The movie also featured some of Tony's trademark nicknames, Bruce Banner banter, and, perhaps most interestingly, some LOL worthy moments courtesy of Captain America's signature politeness. Who would have guessed that in the middle of a battle for the entire universe, Cap would provide some much needed levity?

So, don't despair, MCU fans. Laugh, for all we have to sustain us until Avengers 4 will be the best jokes from Infinity War, and we should enjoy it while we can.

"Earth Is Closed Today"

Tony Stark is never one to face a foe without getting the first word in. In Infinity War, he greets Ebony Maw like a hostess at a restaurant that's about to close, not an alien who just invaded New York City. It's both why we love him, and why we're never shocked to see him getting his butt kicked.

"Sweet Rabbit"

Thor's loving name for Rocket confirmed two things: 1) Thor has never seen a raccoon before, and 2) He has never seen a rabbit either.

"Why Is Gamora?"

Drax always takes things to their literal conclusion, so when Star-Lord and Iron Man exchanged a "Where is Gamora?" and a "Who is Gamora?" Drax did the only logical thing, shout "Why is Gamora?" while staring down one of Iron Man's blasters.

Star-Lord Copying Thor

Star-Lord might be half Celestial, but Thor is 100 percent god, and as such, he quickly gains the admiration of Star-Lord's fellow Guardians. Peter's attempts to impersonate Thor, sadly, don't really help his case in showing them that he's better than the God of Thunder.

"Our Made-Up Names"

Bless Peter Parker and his pure, adorable misunderstanding. (In his defense, Doctor Strange does sound like a completely made-up name.)

"He Has Never Fought Me Twice"

The Thor we saw in Thor, The Dark World and the first two Avengers films is not the Thor we get in Infinity War. Lucky for us, Thor has maintained his more goofy (and, let's face it, dumb) personality from Thor: Ragnarok, to which we owe gems like this.

"How Much For The Arm?"

Rocket and the Winter Soldier are one of the most random team-ups in the MCU, and yet in that final battle against Thanos in Wakanda, it totally worked. If Avengers 4 doesn't have a scene of Rocket trying to steal Bucky's arm, then this is all for nothing.

"I'm Sure You Did Your Best"

Shuri's sweet schooling of Bruce Banner and Tony Stark was delightful. Anytime the MCU wants to emphasize how brilliant Shuri is is fine by me.

Bruce Banner vs. The Hulk

Poor Bruce Banner. Watching him struggle to bring the Hulk out to fight was one of the saddest, but also most hilarious bits in Infinity War.

"I Am Steve Rogers"

Steve Rogers is the most polite bae one could ever wish to meet. In the middle of fighting aliens in Wakanda, he responds to Groot's "I Am Groot," with an adorably sincere, "I Am Steve Rogers," and I swear my ovaries exploded at the exact same time I doubled over from laughter.

"I'm Invisible"

Drax thinking that if he moved slowly enough, he could be invisible is iconic.

"He's From Space. He Came To Steal A Necklace From A Wizard"

Tony's update on the current alien invasion when he crosses paths with Spider-Man is great. It's clear, to the point, and impressively accurate and ridiculous at the same time.

"It's Like A Pirate Had A Baby With An Angel"

This description of Drax is now the only thing fans will think of when they see Thor, and honestly, that's exactly as it should be.

"Only If I Die"

Again, Thor might be amazing in battle, but his bravado often borders on idiocy (in a lovable, fun way), like when he assures Eitri that the power of the star will kill him "only if I die."

"Die, Blanket Of Death"

The Cloak of Levitation proved its use in battle once more in Infinity War, when it foiled Drax, causing him to call it the "blanket of death."


Mantis putting Drax to sleep with a simple command, and him falling flat on his face is the funniest piece of physical comedy in Infinity War.

"There's An Ant-Man And A Spider-Man?"

Bruce Banner trolling Marvel's odd fascination with insect heroes is the best Bruce Banner.

"We're All Gonna Die"

Finally, the title for best joke in Infinity War goes to Ned, whose "distraction" on the school bus early in the film turned out to be way more accurate than we all thought. Points for being both funny in the scene and devastating upon reflection.

Avengers: Infinity War might be the saddest, most traumatizing MCU movie yet, but at least we can say that it was also pretty damn funny.