The 17 Best Jokes From 'Infinity War' That Will Help You (Temporarily) Forget All The Awful Stuff

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Spoilers ahead. For all the talk about the Marvel Cinematic Universe being popcorn, superhero fun, Avengers: Infinity War sure was a bummer. The movie began and ended with mass casualties, and while normally fans can count on leaving a Marvel movie energized and hopeful, this one left us all feeling defeated. Thankfully, the movie wasn't all doom and gloom, and these 17 best jokes from Infinity War are what will help you temporarily forget all the awful stuff that happened. So next time you start thinking about Peter Parker's heartbreaking, "I don't feel so good, Mr. Stark," try thinking about these jokes instead.

Infinity War brought together famously serious superheroes, like Doctor Strange and Black Widow, and famously ridiculous superheroes like the entire Guardians of the Galaxy crew. Sparks, and laughs, were bound to follow. Granted, what followed was also tragedy, but let's focus on the fun parts for now. After seeing Thor embrace his funny side Thor: Ragnarok, fans expected greatness from the God of Thunder's interactions with the Guardians, and Infinity War definitely delivered. The movie also featured some of Tony's trademark nicknames, Bruce Banner banter, and, perhaps most interestingly, some LOL worthy moments courtesy of Captain America's signature politeness. Who would have guessed that in the middle of a battle for the entire universe, Cap would provide some much needed levity?

So, don't despair, MCU fans. Laugh, for all we have to sustain us until Avengers 4 will be the best jokes from Infinity War, and we should enjoy it while we can.