The 19 Best Animated Movies On Netflix, From 'Zootopia' To 'The Little Prince'


Netflix's movie library has dwindled over the past few years as they have focused on producing original content, but one genre that has seen little if any reduction is Netflix's animated films section. Likely kept robust as a way to convince parents to keep subscribing Netflix since there is always something on there for their kids to watch, the site has loads of animated movies. And although most of them can be dismissed as kid's stuff, a lot of them are pretty great for all audiences, which is why I've come up with this list of the best animated movies on Netflix.

Thanks to Netflix's deal with Disney, which went into effect last year, all Disney and Pixar releases from 2016 on will stream on the site before anywhere else. That's why you already can watch recent films like Zootopia and The Jungle Book on Netflix, and why you'll see other movies like Finding Dory and Moana on the site before you know it. But Netflix has more than just Disney movies to offer. You'll also find recent animated releases from a number of different studios, classic cartoons you'll remember from your childhood, and even a Netflix original film that was one of the best animated movies of last year. So take a look below at the 19 best animated movies streaming on Netflix right now.

1. ‘Zootopia’

Walt Disney Animation Studios on YouTube

The movie's anti-racism message might just make it the most important film on Netflix right now.

2. ‘Kung Fu Panda 3’

DreamWorksTV on YouTube

This film flew under the radar in 2016 due to the plethora of great animated films released, but it's still a worthy watch.

3. ‘The Jungle Book’

Disney Movie Trailers on YouTube

Live action, schmive action. With the exception of Mowgli, everything in this film is animated — which is astounding.

4. ‘Minions’

Movieclips Trailers on YouTube

Are these guys overexposed? Yep. But this movie made over a billion dollars, so obviously a lot of people like it.

5. ‘The Angry Birds Movie’

Sony Pictures Entertainment on YouTube

The concept of this app-based movie is ludicrous, but the talented cast makes up for it.

6. ‘Hotel Transylvania 2’

Sony Pictures Entertainment on YouTube

Hey, it's better than Adam Sandler's recent live action fare.

7. ‘Lilo And Stitch’

The Disney Animation Resource Channel on YouTube

The '00s were Disney's dark days, full of atrocious bombs like Chicken Little and Brother Bear (which are also on Netflix). This film, and the next entry, were the rare bright spots.

8. ‘The Emperor’s New Groove’

DisneyMoviesOnDemand on YouTube

Maybe the funniest Disney animated film ever.

9. ‘Home’

Movieclips Trailers on YouTube

Steve Martin's in it. What's not to like?

10. ‘Hulk: Where Monsters Dwell’

Marvel Entertainment on YouTube

The one area where DC has beaten Marvel is in their acclaimed animated movies, but this 2016 film looks to tip the scales in the House of Ideas' favor.

11. ‘The Prince Of Egypt’

Paramount Movies on YouTube

This is the film that made DreamWorks Animation a legitimate threat to Disney's dominance.

12. ‘Chicken Run’

Paramount Movies on YouTube

Nothing beats good old-fashioned stop-motion animation.

13. ‘Antz’

Paramount Movies on YouTube

I'll let you in on a little secret: This is a better movie than A Bug's Life.

14. ‘Jetsons: The Movie’

Movieclips Trailer Vault on YouTube

Who doesn't love the Jetsons?

15. ‘Fantasia’

The Disney Animation Resource Channel on YouTube

An all-time classic.

16. ‘The Last Unicorn’

LionsgateVOD on YouTube

One of the best animated fantasy epics you're likely to find.

17. ‘The Secret Of The Kells’

Cinedigm on YouTube

Innovative animation and a story based on Irish folklore make this a hidden gem.

18. ‘Tarzan’

TheTrailerGal on YouTube

You know it, you love it, you can stream it.

19. ‘The Little Prince’

Movieclips Trailers on YouTube

This Netflix original may have been snubbed by the Oscars, but make no mistake: It was one of the best films of 2016.