People Are FREAKING Out Over The Shape Of The Teen Choice Awards Stage & It's Hilarious

Getty Images/Bustle

We have reached peak fidget spinner, and this is exactly how you know: the 2017 Teen Choice Awards stage is shaped like a fidget spinner. No, really. Once Twitter realized this, no one on the social media site could un-realize it. And it changed the way they watched the program. Fidget spinners were a big theme of the evening. Many presenters mentioned them, including Adam Scott and Craig Robinson of FOX's upcoming comedy, Ghosted. Kumail Nanjiani even tried to use one while wearing LEGO hands. (He was there to promote his upcoming film, The LEGO Ninjago Movie.) But all of that pales in comparison with the fidget spinner stage.

Before you ask: no, the stage did not actually have the capacity to spin. Or, at least, the stage was never fidget-spun, as it were. Why was the Teen Choice Awards stage shaped like a fidget spinner? The adult in me supposes it's because fidget spinners are hip and cool and trendy with today's youths. Whether or not the young audience watching the show thought it was cool is another story. If the Twitter reaction is any indication, fans were less than impressed with the obvious pandering to their fidget spinner obsession.

1. #Bye

Just... just look at this.

2. The Perfect Gif

My thoughts exactly.

3. This Is Our Own Fault

We let it happen.

4. And Then The Evening Went Down Hill

Or maybe uphill.

5. Apologies Were Made

We hope he's listening.

6. Yeah...

We're all out.

7. We're Waiting

And we may be waiting a long time.

8. Some Were Out

People were ready to change the channel to get away from this stage.

9. Some Were In

While others were absolutely cracking up.

10. Yes, I Think They Did

I'm not sure though.

11. Well, To Be Honest...

Enough said.

Maybe fidget spinners are better left as fun accessories, not stages.