These 2019 Emmy Snubs Are More Disturbing Than 'The Haunting Of Hill House'

Steve Dietl/Netflix

On Tuesday, July 16, the Academy of Television Arts & Science announced the nominees for the 71st Annual Emmy Awards, which are set to take place on Sept. 22. As usual, the announcement provided a mixed bag of exciting wins for fan favorites and major snubs. It's a TV awards potpourri, really, but these 2019 Emmy nomination snubs hurt a little more due to the fact that some of those who didn't get nominations are shows that are ending soon. For example, Schitt's Creek plans to end after Season 6, so the fact that Dan Levy didn't get an acting nomination is just pouring salt in the wound.

Still, Schitt's Creek itself was nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series and its stars Catherine O’Hara and Eugene Levy snagged nominations for their acting on the beloved series. See? Mixed bag. And, since Schitt's Creek's final season hasn't yet aired, there's still a chance for Dan to get nominated in next year's Emmy Awards. Other shows that aired their final seasons in the past year, like Game of Thrones and Veep, received a lot of Emmy recognition, which only makes the absence of Broad City, another series that came to an end this year, even more glaring. Check out the full list of the snubs that are sticking out of the potpourri like a rancid cinnamon stick.


'Broad City'

The Comedy Central ode to female friendship aired its final season in 2019 and it didn't receive any nominations for the Emmy awards. That's right, neither stars Abbi Jacobson nor Ilana Glazer received a nomination for their roles on Broad City, and not even the show itself was nominated. That snub hurts in and of itself, but it's extra harsh considering that Broad City never received an Emmy nomination throughout its five-season run.

Before you lose all faith in humanity (or at least the Academy of Television Arts & Science), fans can take heart in the fact that both Jacobson and Glazer were nominated for Outstanding Actress In A Short Form Comedy Or Drama Series for their roles on the web series Hack Into Broad City. The Comedy Central short-form series itself was also nominated for an Emmy this year, as it was in 2016 and 2017.


'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt'

After receiving Emmy nominations each time it was eligible in the past, the Netflix show's second half of its final season was snubbed for the 2019 Emmys. Fans of the show's star Tituss Burgess can't believe the actor hasn't won an Emmy yet, nor can they fathom how his character Titus Andromedon hasn't earned him any nominations. Then again, a Kimmy Schmidt interactive Netflix special is due for 2020 so perhaps that there's hope yet.


Dan Levy and Annie Murphy

As mentioned earlier, Schitts Creek stars Catherine O’Hara and Eugene Levy were nominated for their comedic acting on the show, but fans on Twitter are still bitter that Dan Levy and Annie Murphy weren't also recognized for their hilarious work.


'The Haunting Of Hill House'

Steve Dietl/Netflix

The Haunting of Hill House had a rousing first season, released on Netflix in Oct. 2018, and fans can't help but notice that the show is completely absent from the list of 2019 Emmy noms. Yes, that includes its dynamic stars Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Victoria Pedretti, Carla Gugino, and more. Fortunately for fans, this series has a new season (of sorts) coming out in 2020, so perhaps its luck will change.


MJ Rodriguez

JoJo Whilden/FX

While Pose was nominated for Outstanding Drama Series and star Billy Porter earned a nod for Lead Actor in a Drama Series, many have noted that the FX show's leading trans actors, Rodriguez, Indya Moore, and Dominique Jackson, didn't receive nominations for Lead Actress. Fans on Twitter have been especially vocal about Rodriguez's snub causing them distress.


'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend'

Technically Crazy Ex-GF received two nominations — for its original song “Antidepressants Are So Not A Big Deal” and its new theme song — but many believe that the show itself was snubbed from the Outstanding Comedy Series category. Like with Broad City, this is a tough pill to swallow (no pun intended) because the show wrapped its fourth and final season in 2019.


Christine Baranski

Baranski has received ample critical praise for her role as Diane Lockhart on The Good Fight, And her robust fan-following on Twitter is not pleased with her absence from the 2019 Emmy nominations.


Timothy Simons

It's almost too like Simons' Veep character, Jonah Ryan, to somehow get snubbed from the Emmys at every opportunity during the acclaimed comedy series' run. It happened, though, and now that Veep has ended Simons won't ever receive a nomination for his supporting role on the show, even though many believe that he's always deserved one. At least Veep is nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series, though, right?


D'Arcy Carden

The Good Place's Janet (Carden) kind of stole the show in Season 3, particularly with its episode consisting of multiple Janets. That episode, "Janet(s)," was nominated for an Emmy in comedy writing, but Carden herself didn't receive any award show love for her part in front of the camera. To add insult to injury, Carden announced the 2019 Emmy nominations, and fans can't help but point out the irony of that.

While there were many lost Emmy nom opportunities that shook TV lovers to their cores on Tuesday, the nominations that fans believe got it right provide at least a bit of comfort in the face of snubs. Now, get ready for another round of upset once the actual winners are awarded at the 2019 Emmys.