The 21 Craziest Documentaries On Netflix

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There is a crazy amount of documentaries on Netflix, well over a hundred of them, in fact, and a lot of them are downright insane. There seems to be no limit to the subjects people want to document on film, which is why I've put together this list for fans who are wondering about the craziest documentaries on Netflix. Some of these are well-known and have already inspired lots of discussion among various circles, like Blackfish and Super Size Me, while others are more obscure and deal with some pretty taboo topics.

Among the films listed here, you will find movies covering subjects related to sexuality (like sex robots, online brides, and pornography) and religion (like cults and exorcisms), but perhaps the craziest among them are the films that depict the extreme living situations humans sometimes find themselves in, either by choice or not. Imagine growing up in war-torn Afghanistan and scraping by by selling landmines. Or how about deciding to ditch society and live with a family of grizzly bears? Or what if the town you lived in suddenly became overrun with neo-Nazis? All of these subjects and more are covered in the following 21 films, which makes them the craziest documentaries on Netflix.


‘Interview With A Serial Killer’

It's insane to hear this murderer calmly talk about killing people as if it's nothing.



Getting out of a cult is no easy task.


‘The Imposter’

What if I told you your son isn't really your son?


‘The Propaganda Game’

Watch this before you decide to take that vacation to North Korea.



The infamous documentary that led Sea World to change its practices.


‘My Online Bride’

Channel 4

Agreeing to spend your life with a stranger in a faraway land is a very big, and very bizarre, decision.


‘Pumping Iron’

Here's what it took to become the world's greatest bodybuilder in the '70s (hint: steroids were involved).


‘Welcome To Leith’

A town in the Heartland of America becomes a haven for neo-Nazis.


‘The Barkley Marathons’

Start training now if you want to run in the craziest race around.


‘The Nightmare’

Sleep paralysis is maybe the most wild medical issue known to science.


‘Hostage To The Devil’

Like The Exorcist, but real — at least according to one priest.


'Grizzly Man'

Bears don't make the greatest roommates.


‘Josef Fritzl: Story Of A Monster’

Monsters are real, and they look like normal people.


‘My Sex Robot’

Remember when people thought online dating was weird?


‘Super Size Me’

Life pro tip: Don't eat McDonald's every day.


‘First Contact: Lost Tribe Of The Amazon’

It's hard to imagine a group of people who've had not contact with the modern world, and yet, here we are.


‘Don’t Stop Believin’: Everyman’s Journey’

Imagine becoming the lead singer of your favorite band after they see you cover their songs on YouTube.



Is this tiny skeleton a space alien?


‘After Porn Ends’

Working in porn doesn't always look so great on a résumé once you leave the business.


‘The Land Of The Enlightened’

Growing up in one of the harshest places in the world makes for a bizarre childhood.


‘The Wolfpack'

And you thought you loved movies.