3 Cooling Blankets That Will Keep You From Sweating At Night

It's hard to sleep when you're too hot. But whether you live in a warm climate or are experiencing natural hormonal shifts (like those associated with menopause), the best cooling blankets can make finding that perfect temperature a little easier. A lightweight or cooling blanket can offer you the secure feeling of snuggling under a blanket — but without making you feel too stuffy or hot.

The materials used in a blanket are one of the main factors in determining how it affects your temperature. So when you’re shopping for a blanket to keep you cool, look specifically for breathable fabrics that won’t retain sweat or excess heat. Bamboo fabrics are a go-to for temperature regulation because they are moisture-wicking. Another popular material for bedding is cotton, which is very breathable. Cotton isn’t as efficient at wicking away moisture as bamboo, but it can still be a good option, particularly if the blanket is lightweight.

If you’re looking for the cooling equivalent of a heated blanket, it falls on me to tell you that electric cooling blankets don’t really exist. Cooling blankets work because they don't trap heat or sweat against your body, rather than because they're loaded with tech. That said, if you want something a bit more heavy duty to cool you off at night, you can try the BedJet Climate Control system, which is designed to pump cool air into your blankets as you sleep.

However, if you simply want a light, breathable blanket to keep you from sweating, here are my top picks for the best blankets to help you keep cool and cozy at night — all available on Amazon. (And don’t forget to pair your blanket with cooling sheets for the best results.)


The Best Lightweight Blanket To Keep You Cool

The DANGTOP bamboo blanket is a very lightweight blanket that reviewers say feels almost like a heavy sheet, making it a great alternative to thicker blankets or comforters. It's made of smooth, silky 100% bamboo that's moisture-wicking and airy so you stay cool and dry. The blanket is available in eight colors ranging from white to green, as well as two sizes (59 by 79 inches and 79 by 91 inches).

Use the blanket on its own when the weather is hot, or layer it under a comforter during colder nights to take advantage of its wicking capabilities if you sweat while you sleep.

Positive Amazon review: “The blanket is soft and keeps me both cool and warm where I can use it all night without getting the sweats. The fabric itself is soft and very comfortable and thin enough to let the fan air cool my outer layers. [...] Just buy it and toss the comforter aside.”


The Best Cooling Weighted Blanket

The YnM bamboo weighted blanket keeps you chilled out using a combination of bamboo fabric and glass beads. The 100% bamboo outer layer wicks sweat, while the glass beads have a high specific heat capacity that helps the blanket stay cool, too.

In addition to the beads, there's also a thin layer of polyfill inside the blanket, along with two layers of cotton fabric to prevent the beads from leaking. The blanket comes in a variety of sizes and weights ranging from 7 pounds to 30 pounds, and is available in eight colors, including a few bright, punchy prints. It's technically machine washable, but spot cleaning or adding a matching removable duvet is best for the long-term care of both the blanket and your washing machine.

The blanket comes with a three-year warranty. If the YnM blanket isn't right for you, that's fine — this list of the best cooling weighted blankets has more options to choose from.

Positive Amazon review: “The cooling bamboo fabric is amazing! I usually get hot in the middle of the night, but have not since purchasing this blanket. The weight is soothing, and I wake up less in the night.”


The Best Lightweight Comforter Set

The NTCOCO three-piece comforter set includes a super thin comforter and two matching pillowcases — a great fit for anyone who wants to swap out their thicker blankets for a lighter set. The blanket is comprised of a 100% cotton exterior with polyester filling. Cotton can be less efficient at wicking away moisture, so it might not be the best option if you experience night sweats, but it's breathable enough that you might not sweat at all. Pair it with a set of cooling sheets and you'll be good to go!

The machine-washable comforter set is available in nine colors and patterns and is sized to fit either a queen or king.

Positive Amazon review: “Soft, pretty, and comfortable for two very hot sleepers. Best I've found so far.”

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