If You Have Dry Feet, These Moisturizing Oils Can Bring Your Skin Back To Life


Dealing with dry, flaky skin — especially on a sensitive area like your feet — can be a real nuisance. It's uncomfortable, for one, and getting rid of it can be a nightmare if you aren't sure which product to use. But here's a secret: What you really need are the best oils for dry feet.

There are so many creams, scrubs, and foot masks to choose from, but the type of treatment matters less than what's in it. There's a growing amount of research that suggests positive health benefits of high-quality oils, including essential oils. They're easily absorbed into the skin, which makes them ideal for treating the tough skin on the heels and soles of the feet. Oils also tend to lock in moisture for long periods, helping skin stay moist as it heals.

The key to choosing an oil (or a product made with an oil) is to keep in mind your skin's individual needs. For example, cracks and heel fissures are prone to infection, so you may want to look into an oil with an antiseptic quality. But if your skin is inflamed and needs a bit of gentle TLC, consider investing in oils that soothe sensitive skin issues.

With tons of skin products out there, it can be tough to narrow down your options. Here's a roundup of some of the best oils for dry feet to keep your skin buttery soft in all weather, all year round.


Best Antiseptic Oil: Tea Tree

To keep odor and bacteria at bay, this invigorating foot oil includes tea tree oil, a natural antiseptic. It's also infused with rich, nourishing botanicals, anti-inflammatory neem oil, and Omegas 3, 6, and 9 to offer a comprehensive treatment for stubborn, dry skin. Just put a few drops on as needed and rub deeply into the skin. The scent starts off smelling minty at first but gently fades throughout the day.

Reviewers use this product for everything from athlete's foot to chronic, painful skin with positive results. One fan wrote, "Have been purchasing for about a year for my partner who HAD athlete's foot. After a year I finally gave in and started using it. WOW, I'm so amazed! I have extremely dry, cracked heels and this has changed that in about a week!"


Best Moisturizing Oil: Argan

If you're looking for a product with luxe moisturizing properties, this highly-concentrated argan oil hits all the right marks. Known for its rich antioxidant properties, argan oil is easily absorbed and never feels greasy on your skin. Plus, it's full of vitamin E and essential fatty acids to help repair dead, lackluster skin and to provide a protective coating over any cracks or fissures. This formula is 100 percent organic and is third-party tested to ensure it's free of any parabens, chemicals, or preservatives. Bonus: You can use this oil on your face, skin, and nails, too!

Reviewers rave about how effective this oil is on any part of the body, from your feet to your hair, even after only one treatment.


Best Soothing Oil: Lavender

If you're struggling with inflamed skin, rashes, or achey feet, this lavender-infused foot balm is soothing and works in a snap. Made with all-natural ingredients — including rich olive oil, vitamin E, hydrating squalene, and skin-boosting antioxidants — this balm helps repair broken skin tissue by cutting down healing time. On top of calming lavender, it also contains a touch of clove oil, which helps improve circulation, and plantain, which boasts natural, anti-itch relief.

In general, reviewers can't say enough great things about how quickly this balm helps heal wounds — including bumps, cuts, and rashes — while also relieving irritated skin. One fan wrote, "I'm truly shocked by how well this works. I put it on my kids' cuts and bruises and overnight, sometimes within hours, they are healed. I also use it on my hands which tend to get dry and cracked during the colder months, and it keeps them soft. This is the best we have found and it smells fantastic."

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