Have Your Pizza & Cut It Too With These Useful AF Pizza Cutters On Amazon

by Marisa Donnelly

Regardless of what type of pizza you crave, you need one of the best pizza cutters to slice through crust, sever toppings evenly (aka without pulling off cheese!), and, you know, create perfect slices. It basically does all the hard work for you.

When you think of the ideal pizza cutter, you probably think of the traditional wheel with a handle — I mean, how complex can it be? — but really good cutters go beyond that traditional style. The best ones are a perfect mix of design (unique looks like longer blades or even scissor styles, for example) and function (aka they cut well). Obviously you want something that'll do its job, but even more than that, there are a few little things that'll make a big difference: A durable handle and easy-to-clean pieces. Trust me, you don't want the extra cleaning hassle!

Depending on your preferences and how you prefer to slice up your pie, here, find a list of the five best pizza cutters on Amazon. They're sure to make a difference in your pizza-enjoying lifestyle, and they just might become your new favorite weird but genius kitchen gadget. After you've picked your favorite, why not plan the ultimate grown-up pizza party?


The Overall Best Pizza Cutter With A Traditional Wheel Style

If you're into the traditional wheel pizza cutter style, this 4-inch pizza wheel from OXO Good Grips is for you. It has a sharp stainless steel blade, a slip-proof handle, and a thumb guard to prevent accidents. Plus, it's dishwasher safe, with no crevices or parts where toppings can get stuck. The body is a little heavier than some other cutter brands, but the rubber handle material is pressure-relieving for maximum comfort.

What fans say: "Well made. The one thing that stood out when I first looked at this was that it was noticeably larger than all other cutters I've owned... I don't know if that's a plus or a minus... either way, this is a good, solid pizza cutter. It has weight to it and the disc doesn't wobble like many other cutters... so we're happy!"


Another Great Wheel With Blade Guard That Everyone’s Raving About

This wheel by Kitchy combines all the best qualities of a traditional pizza cutting wheel in a design that's even simpler — and some may argue even easier — to use. The wheel has a stainless steel blade that's similar to the one featured above, but instead of the extended handle, it has an ergonomic protective blade guard to prevent any injuries. This design will help you get closer to the pizza for a smoother cut. It's also dishwasher safe and comes in three colors: blue, red, and green.

What fans say: "This cutter is awesome! I was a little worried when I purchased (the price was the deciding factor), but my husband — the intended user — LOVED it! Contoured to fit the hand perfectly, and our big mitts worked too. I have to buy a couple more for us and for gifts! If u have wrist strength issues or find handled cutters hard to use to cut thru the crust, this is definitely the item for you!!"


Best Long Blade Pizza Cutter

Checkered Chef's pizza cutter boasts a longer, rocker-style design. That means that, instead of the traditional rolling action, you just press and rock the blade for a super precise cut. This blade is sharper than the others on this list, and it comes with a protective blade cover for added safety. It's dishwasher safe and has just two easy-to-clean pieces. Because it's so large, it might take up more drawer space in your kitchen, but it's worth it for pizza, amirite?

What fans say: "I used this thing ONCE — then I immediately threw out my rolling pizza cutter. That should tell you something. This thing cuts pizza like a dream AND it also shapes pastry dough."


Best Scissor Option

This 12-inch stainless steel, scissor-style pizza cutter by Dreamfarm really puts the cut in pizza cutter. It's fun and functional, and it has the specs to backup its higher $23 price point — including heat resistance up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and a nonstick base that won't scratch your cookware. And if you want a color other than black, it's also available in red.

What fans say: "I was skeptical when I saw this at a friend's house, but they work great! I've tried normal pizza cutters (pain in the butt to clean) and the huge cutters (take up too much space), but these just simply work. They glide effortlessly under the pizza and cut the perfect slice every time. I'd recommend them to any pizza chef!"

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