The 3 Best Steam Mops For Pets


If your pet loves to cause trouble in your home, and you need to quickly and easily clean it up, a steam mop is a great cleaning supply to have handy. While all steam mops are more efficient than traditional mops (hot water breaks up crusty messes much better than room-temp water), there are some that are better for pet messes. So what makes for the best steam mop for pets?

  1. The mop should have a scrubber or an added attachment designed to scrub messes. These scrubbers are critical when you're attempting to lift dried, caked-on messes.
  2. Look for models with high heat to sanitize, or scented microfiber pads to eliminate smells. Because so many of your pet's messes result from them either getting sick, or not being to wait to do their business, germs and bacteria will definitely be an issue.
  3. If you're working in tight spaces, get a steam mop with an angled head. For hard-to-reach corners, get a mop with a triangular head, or one that can be detached from its arm and used as a handheld steam mop.

That said, one last thing you should note is your flooring. Flooring, particularly laminate and hardwood floors, can be damaged by steam mops if they are unsealed. So, double check to make sure your flooring is sealed.

With all those factors considered, here are the best steam mops for pets to help bring your floors from grimy to gleaming.