The 3 Best Towels For Drying Dishes


When it comes to finding the best towel for drying dishes, there are a few things to keep in mind. For starters, it's important to have a dish towel with high absorbency. Not only will an absorbent towel get the job done better, it'll leave fewer spots and smudges on your dishes when you're done. Select a dish cloth made of cotton, linen, or microfiber for spotless dishes that will be ready to head straight into your cabinet.

As you head into dish duty, you'll also want a towel that is lint-free. Using a towel in the wrong fabric can result in dishes that are still wet and covered in fuzz. Finely-woven dish towels made of linen or microfiber have the capability to absorb water without leaving behind lint on plastic, glass, and crystal.

Make sure you're buying dish towels in a size that works for you. Cleaning 12-inch pans and 10-inch plates gets a whole lot easier when you have a larger cloth. Also, to save yourself from a headache down the road, make sure to get a value-pack of towels so you have a back-up if you need one to clean up a sudden spill. Buying in bulk will also tend to give you the best price per towel, so keep this in mind if you're a budget-friendly shopper.

But enough talk. Take a look below at some of the best towels for drying dishes. They’re all sure to leave your kitchen utensils spotless and squeaky clean.


The Best Overall, All Things Considered

These commercial-grade kitchen towels from Fecido are not only thick, but also extremely absorbent and lint-free, making for a quick and tidy cleanup. Made of 100 percent cotton, their 19-by-27-inch size makes them perfect for everyday use. With more than 1,300 positive reviews on Amazon and a near-perfect, 4.8-star rating, these dish towels are beloved. One commenter even referred to them as the “holy grail of dish towels.” Did I mention that there’s also an added hanging loop for easy storage? I mean, what more could you ask for? These come in a few different checkered designs, and you can even get them in a four-pack or 10-pack version if you want to stock up.

What fans say: "Nice size, bigger than most kitchen towels, well stitched and should last long. They are very absorbent, have kept their shape and color through several washings. I've tried many type of dish towels and I think these are the best! If you need new dish towels i highly recommend these!"


The Most Absorbent

With the ability to hold eight times their weight in water, these high-quality kitchen towels from Gyreer will have your dishes dry in no time flat. Just one towel does an amazing job at picking up liquids without leaving behind spots, scratches, or lint — making your after dinner cleanup extremely easy. The strong and durable microfiber also makes the towels suitable for heavy daily use and helps them hold up in the washing machine without the threat of shrinking or bleeding. And, since this pack comes with six towels, you'll have more than enough to tackle even the toughest, dirtiest dishes around. While these don't have any hanging loops like the set above, they're some of the most absorbent towels out there.

What fans say: "My husband is getting sick of hearing me say how much I love these, so I figured I’d just write a product review. These are GREAT! They’re super absorbent, even after they’re already damp, and they actually dry things, as opposed to just moving water around. They also don’t catch on your skin at all. I’m so happy I got them."


The Most Affordable

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, these Sticky Toffee dish cloths are sure to suit your needs. With a total of eight towels included, these cloths really pack a punch while offering the most bang for your buck. Made from quality cotton terry, their high absorbency makes them a solid affordable choice, not only for drying dishes, but for cleaning and other miscellaneous tasks around the house. They come in eight colors and two sizes to suit your needs. For the price, you'll be hard pressed to find a better deal on a dish towel (these come out to just over $1 per towel).

What fans say: "I've been using a towel for a few years that looks nice but leaves water smears and lint. No such problems with these towels. They're made of soft, heavy material and have gone through the wash a few times so far without any piling or transferring any lint to dishes. No signs of shrinking yet. They're a lot more absorbent than my previous towels and I haven't had any icky smells from them."

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