The 3 Best Water-Saving Shower Heads

If you're looking to conserve water, a great way to do that is to install one of the best water-saving shower heads. These low-flow heads deliver just enough water to rinse shampoo and conditioner without wasting unnecessary amounts, and there are plenty of options, from affordable ones to ones that are loaded with features.

Sure, you could purchase an attachment that fits behind your shower head and conserves water, but it's way easier to spring for a new, low-flow head to get the job done.

What Makes A Shower Head Low Flow?

To qualify as a true low-flow shower head, federal regulations require that a fixture uses 2.5 gallons per minute (GPM) or less. Most water-saving shower heads have 2 GPM — which earns them a coveted WaterSense label by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) — but you can even find options that are 1.5 GPM and capable of decreasing water consumption by 40 percent. The best part? They save you money, too.

Below, shop a list of the best low-flow shower heads available on Amazon. Reviewers love them, and they're sure to make a difference. Once you've picked your favorite, upgrade your bathroom even more with the best odor-resistant towels.


The Overall Best Water-Saving Shower Head

Why it's great: This water-saving shower head boasts a solid metal construction and a low 1.5 GPM flow rate that saves 40 percent more water and energy than most other shower heads (with WaterSense certification to back it up). It has a solid metal construction that's naturally antibacterial and is compact enough to work in all shower settings, from homes and apartments to dorm rooms. However, bear in mind that it's not especially wide. Get it in chrome, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze, or polished brass — whatever works best with your personal style and bathroom decor.

What fans say: "Great shower head! Very low water flow, but great coverage and feel. And not that hard stinging attack so many low flow shower heads use to over-compensate the flow challenge."


A Shower Head With Six Spray Settings — Including A Water-Saving Function

Why it's great: If you're after lots of features, this ShowerMaxx shower head is a great model to consider. It has a water-saving function that you can turn on, but you can also switch it to six other spray settings including rainfall and various massage modes. What's more, thanks to an extra long 5-foot hose, this one can also be used as a handheld option, and its silicone jet nozzles are self-cleaning. The reason this isn't the overall best pick is because the water-saving feature provides a water trickle rather than a full stream of water.

What fans say: "I love how it has a water trickling feature that helps save water when I am putting soap on. Highly recommended product."


A Budget-Friendly Plastic Shower Head That Still Saves A Considerable Amount Of Water

Why it's great: This WaterSense-certified shower head has rubber thermo jets and neoperl pressure, which make it a good choice for low-water-pressure areas. It has 1.5 GPM — one of the lowest you'll find — and requires zero installation tools for a competitive $9 price. The downside to this model is that it's made of plastic, so even though it won't corrode, it probably won't last as long as metal shower heads. Reviewers are generally happy with this affordable shower head and say the water flow is normal — it isn't piercing, but it isn't a trickle, either.

What fans say: "This is a nice shower head for the price. While it saves water, the flow seems full. The construction seems very sturdy."

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