The 35 Best "Nevertheless, She Persisted" Tweets, Because This Moment Is Nothing Short Of Iconic

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

When Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell silenced Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Tuesday night after she attempted to speak on the Senate floor, it was perhaps inevitable that people everywhere would be furious on Warren's behalf — leading, of course, to a storm of "nevertheless, she persisted" tweets hitting social media. It isn't just Warren, you see; it's women. And it's not even just women — it's every marginalized group who has ever been repeatedly silenced by systemic and structural sexism. It shouldn't be surprising, but the response to this specific event ironically speaks volumes. We will not be silenced.

Many social media users are reclaiming McConnell's words to Warren. His defense of his invoking an obscure and rarely enforced rule (a rule which, many pointed out, did not get enforced during an incident in 2015 when Ted Cruz accused McConnell of lying) was as follows: "Senator Warren was giving a lengthy speech. She had appeared to violate the rule. She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted."

Those last three words became iconic, as people all over the country and the world reclaimed them. Some have used them as an opportunity to celebrate women who have come before us and pushed forward in spite of oppression and marginalization. Other users have turned the phrase on its head, using dry humor and wit as means of pointing out how ridiculous the patriarchy is. Still others are taking the opportunity to thank Warren and other female politicians, like Hillary Clinton and Wendy Davis, for their work and dedication.

Check out the following 35 tweets for inspiration to keep on the good fight and never stop persisting.

1. Malala's Fight For Education

2. Rosa Parks' Activism

3. Harriet Tubman's Incredible Bravery

4. Women Who Rally Across The World

5. People Who Are Still #ReadyForHillary

6. Representing Muslim Pride

7. Reinforcing That Black Lives Matter

8. Commemorating The First Black Major-Party Candidate for President

9. Activism Across Generations

10. The Bravest Children Around

11. These Women To Emulate

12. Because This Is Basically The History of Feminism

13. Beause Women Keep Fighting

14. Wendy Davis' Devotion To Women's Health

15. Susan B. Anthony Never Stopped Fighting

16. Elizabeth Coleman Is An Unsung Hero

17. This Phrase Is Tattoo Material

18. Also, Tombstone Material

19. Why Not Cross-Stich It, Too?

20. Allies Are Behind This Phrase, Too

21. Put It On A T-Shirt!

22. To Support The Resistance

23. Because We've All Heard A Similar Sentiment

24. At Least Once Or Twice

25. So Put It In Your Twitter Bio

26. Or Write It Into A Dystopian Novel

27. And Remember To Thank Black Women For Their Work

28. And Honor Princess Leia

29. And Really, Put It On Your Tombstone

30. And Here Is A Shirt!

31. Winona LaDuke Is Another Unsung Hero For Feminists

32. Cecile Richards Is A Contemporary Icon

33. These Words Are Perfect For Reclaiming

34. Because Literally All Women Relate

35. Yes, Really, Every Single One