The 4 Best Comforters On Amazon


No matter what time of year it is, the recipe for a good night's sleep usually involves soft bedding. And, once you've picked up the best bed sheets, and one of the best pillows, all that's left is a killer comforter. Luckily, the best comforters on Amazon come in a slew of different weights and materials perfect for every occasion, from chilly evenings to sticky summer nights.

As you evaluate options you'll want to consider both the type of filling and the amount of filling the comforter has inside its shell. A hard and fast rule: The more filling in your comforter, the warmer it will be. But, you should also know that goose down is generally warmer than duck down or down-alternative fillings.

If you live in a hot climate, a lightweight comforter with fewer ounces of filling is a good way to go. But, for cold weather, opt for a heavyweight comforter made with goose down that can keep you warm when temperatures drop. (Also, note that the amount of filling in a comforter will determine how puffy it looks on your bed.)

Pro tip: Down comforters tend to be more expensive and most often require dry-cleaning to launder. That being said, there are some affordable down-alternative options on Amazon that don't skimp on quality and offer long-lasting durability.

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1. Overall Best, All Things Considered

This down-alternative comforter is a fan favorite on Amazon because it's machine-washable and the microfiber filling is temperature-regulating. Reviewers love that it's slightly oversized and has ties on each corner so it can easily fit (and not shift) in your duvet cover. The exterior of the comforter is a soft polyester material that's safe for use in any washing machine, and the 48 ounces of microfiber filling make it the perfect medium-weight comforter. With an average rating of 4.6 stars and over 1,400 reviews, this option hits all the right marks.

What fans say: ”Great comforter! It's kept me warm on the cooler nights, and it's not been too heavy in the heat of summer. The filling is just right, and I haven't seen any puff out the way I have in some of my past comforters.”

2. Best For Cold Weather

This hotel-quality comforter is made with 50 ounces of goose down fill, making it one of the warmest options you can buy. Each edge of the 1200-thread-count Egyptian cotton cover has a loophole so it won't shift or slide around in your duvet. It's also hypoallergenic and comes in a range of size options to perfectly fit your bed. For the price, you probably won't find a better quality, heavyweight comforter. One thing to note though: This product is dry-clean only because of the feathers.

What fans say: "This is seriously the best comforter I've ever had. I've had a lot too! It's a great weight, replacing two comforters I used before. It has really solid down fill in each square and doesn't seem to move all over in use. I love the weight of it on my body too. It's not so heavy that I feel restricted, and it’s not too light that I can't keep warm."

3. Best For Warm Weather

For hot sleepers and anyone who lives in warm weather, this Pinzon comforter is the lightweight bedding of your dreams. It's made of a 300-thread-count cotton with 25 ounces of fully goose down fill (half of the weight of the option above). While this comforter is dry-clean only, the exterior shell is shed-resistant to better contain the feathers from escaping.

What fans say: "This is a high-quality comforter. It's beautiful and white and crisp-looking on the bed. I love the soft feel of the cotton shell and the softness of the down.”

4. The Most Affordable

Lightweight but still warm, this affordable comforter contains 35 ounces of siliconized polyester fiber filling wrapped in a soft polyester shell that will feel like heaven on your bed. Thousands of reviewers rave that it's a great quality for the price, and love that it's machine washable, as well. For the absolute best deal on a quality comforter, look no further.

What fans say: "Very lightweight, soft and comfy. I was very surprised at how warm it is, given how thin it is. You feel the warmth instantly the minute you get under it."

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