The 4 Best Curlers For Thin Hair

Whether your hair is naturally straight or you’ve been rocking frizzy curls since childhood, the best curlers for thin hair can do the impossible: give you luscious curls that actually last.

But what makes one set of curlers, or one curling wand, rise above the hundreds of other hair styling gadgets on the market? More specifically, if you have fine, thin, stubborn hair, what kind of roller should you use to get the curls of your dreams? Well, a lot of that will depend on the kinds of curls you're hoping to create, how much time you have to style, and whether you're down for using heat.

If you're hoping to create gorgeous ringlets without any heat styling whatsoever, then flexi rods might be the best choice for you — they don't use any heat, and they're designed to be comfortable enough to sleep in. Heated foam rollers are great for anyone who is hoping to create big curls in a hurry, and steam rollers are fantastic because they're very similar to heated rollers — but the steam works to set your curls for even longer. Curler sets with multiple-size rollers are great because you'll never have to choose between big barrel curls, loose curls, or tight spirals — and you can even mix and match for a more natural look.

When it comes to the best curling wands for fine hair, you can't go wrong with a barrel that's made of either ceramic or tourmaline — both materials work to protect fine, thin, and damaged hair as it curls.

Take a look at the best curlers for thin hair below. All of them are under $50 and highly rated on Amazon.


The Overall Best Curlers For Thin Hair

The Caruso Professional Ionic Molecular Hair Setter is a solid pick for thin hair for a number of reasons, but its use of ion technology is high on the list. These foam rollers use molecular steam to condition hair as it curls — which is especially great for fine, thin hair that’s more susceptible to breakage and damage. (Just be sure you wait until the setter makes a clicking noise; that will signify that the ion feature is engaged.)

These rollers also boast three times the steam of regular steam setters, and they should set your hair within five to 20 minutes, depending on what type of curls you’re hoping for. You get a wide variety of roller sizes too: six petite, six jumbo, six small, six medium, and six large, as well as a carrying case and style guide.

What fans are saying: “I cannot say enough good things about this system. I have very fine hair that doesn't hold a curl with any other method, shy of perms. My hair always frizzes or falls flat and this system is the only one that has ever created a curl that looks healthy and holds most of the day without a lot of product.”


The Best Multi-Sized Roller Set For Thin, Damaged Hair

If you're working with thin hair that's sustained a fair amount of damage, the Remington Ionic Conditioning Hair Setter is the system for you. These ceramic rollers use steam and a thermal wax core to help users create long-lasting, voluminous curls — all while utilizing ionic technology to keep your strands protected and healthy.

This hair set offers 20 rollers in three different sizes, and comfort clips to keep them in place. They heat up super fast as well, but the leave-in time depends on what sort of curls you're looking for. Also worth noting: this set features a "ready dot" indicating when the rollers are ready to use, and a cool 'touch end' to protect your fingers from being burned.

What fans are saying: “Love this!!!! Haven’t used hot rollers in such a long time. My hair is very fine and hard to hold a curl. These were amazing. Heated quickly, easy to roll/clip. I was happy with the results for my first time trying them out.”


The Best Curlers For Sleeping In

Made with soft sponges and flexible wires for maximum comfort, Aimin Hair Overnight Rollers are ideal for anyone who prefers to curl their hair while they sleep. These flexi rods are also a great option for people who might be concerned about the potential damage that heat styling can wreak on fine hair, because there’s no heat to contend with whatsoever, and no clips to tug on your strands during application and removal.

The only downside to these sponge rollers is they're not ideal if you’re looking for long-lasting curls in a hurry, since there’s no heat. But if you don't mind wearing them for a few hours, or sleeping in them, you'll end up with incredible curls that should last all day. Unsurprisingly, Amazon customers give these rollers 4.1 stars.

What fans are saying: "My hair is very thin and very straight. I did the rolls with dry hair. Took them out after four hours and boom! Fantastic tight curls! No spray or heat needed. Easy on and easy off. I'm very happy."


The Best Curling Wand For Thin Hair

If a curling wand is more your style, the InfinitiPro By Conair is a fantastic option. The conical barrel is made of tourmaline and ceramic, which both work to protect your hair as it curls. The ceramic creates a far infrared heat that pierces deep into your hair to preserve its natural moisture and shine, and the tourmaline works to seal in your hair's moisture and counteract any frizziness you might be dealing with.

The InfinitPro reaches 400 degrees and features an LED light to indicate when your desired temperature has been reached, and it also includes an auto-off feature for safety. Perhaps most importantly, the InfinitiPro is super easy to use. Simply choose from the wand's five heat settings, wrap your hair around the barrel, and wait for the voluminous curls of your dreams. Plus, Amazon customers give it 4.3 stars and hundreds of positive reviews.

What fans are saying: “I love this curling wand so much! I have always had long straight hair that doesn't hold curls, but with this it lasts all day and even can be slept on and have wavy curls the next day. I didn't expect it to work that well at all on my hair since nothing else does. I don't even use any hair spray or anything with mine. I can have loose or tight curls depending on how much hair and how tightly I wrap them. It takes me about 30 minutes I'd say to do my super long hair and I use the hottest setting. The price is fantastic!”

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