The 4 Best Fans For Large Rooms

Amazon / Bustle

When comes to buying the best fans for large rooms the key is finding a fan that is powerful enough that you can feel the breeze anywhere in the room, but not so powerful that it's blowing everything around. The fan that is widely considered the best in this regard, is the Vornado whole-room air curricular. Not only has it been lauded by a slew of publishers as the hands-down best fan on the market, but it has a cult following both on Amazon and Reddit.

What makes Vornado fans so great is in part their Vorando Technology which circulates air around the room rather than just blowing a powerful, straightforward gust. But it's also popular thanks to its mid-range price point and reputation for lasting for years.

However, Vorando isn't the only notable fan on the market. For half the price, Honeywell (another well-known and highly-praised brand) has one of the best oscillating tower fans — and unlike the Vorando, it comes with a remote control and twice the setting options. Then there's an ultra-quiet standing fan for those who can't sleep with white noise (it also comes with a remote). And finally — because budget is going to play a big role for most folks — I've included a Lasko box fan on this list that is not only a great deal at $25, but since it doubles as a window fan it's noteworthy option even if you're not on a budget.

With out further adieu, these are the best fans for cooling large rooms: