The 4 Best Furniture Sliders For Hardwood Floors

When it comes to rearranging things around your home, the best furniture sliders for hardwood floors will help you to move heavy items without causing damage — to either the floor or the furniture. They also provide the benefit of lowered friction, which can help you to move things by yourself without straining or potentially getting hurt. That said, different jobs require differing sliders, so it's important to know which ones are suitable for your needs.

After a basic search, you'll find that there are countless options to choose from, but not all of them are created equal. Still, don't be overwhelmed by the selection; finding a suitable choice for hardwood flooring is actually quite simple, and it all comes down to selecting the proper material. Different materials work well for different types of flooring, so you'll want to pay close attention to the texture you choose.

For the most part, think in terms of opposites: Hard materials like plastic won't work well alongside hard materials like wood, and similarly, soft materials like felt will snag on soft materials like carpeting. Buying something that's soft (such as nylon, fabric, or felt) will protect and lower friction for your floors and furniture, giving you peace of mind while making the job much easier. Plastic or hard materials, on the other hand, will likely scratch up the wood.

It's also important to note that furniture pads and furniture grippers are not the same things as sliders. Pads will provide minimal movement (but their ultimate goal is protection), while furniture grippers have the exact opposite goal altogether: they're designed to create a non-slip surface so furniture stays put no matter what.

With that said, here are some of the best furniture sliders for hardwood floors, so you can Feng Shui your apartment with ease or make your next move much less stressful.


The Best Furniture Sliders For Hardwood Floors, All Things Considered

The Supersliders value pack contains a 52-piece moving kit comprised of sliders in a variety of shapes, materials, and sizes — all for just $20. The felt sliders in particular are well-cushioned and come big enough for couches and bookcases. They're not only ideal for hardwood floors, but they can also be used on other hard flooring surfaces like tile, laminate, and linoleum.

This package also includes plastic sliders for carpeted surfaces (though some reviewers swear that they've caused "no damage to even wood floors"), and all the options are entirely reusable. Finally, you can get them in your color choice of either linen or brown to help them blend in with your floor or furniture. If you're transient or just love to rearrange your space, these are great value all across the board.

Reviewers say, "As a single person I had ordered these a long time ago because I have several pieces of very heavy furniture I would not be able to move even one inch by myself." With these sliders, however, "you can slide the furniture all over and try different things very easily" — not to mention vacuum underneath without any hassle whatsoever.


The Best Budget-Friendly Option

With more than 500 five-star ratings on Amazon, Furnimate's self-adhesive felt pads come very highly-reviewed. They're also shockingly affordable, granted the 136-piece set costs just $14.

This set comes in an assortment of eight useful shapes and sizes, and each individual pad has a strong adhesive backing. It also comes with a set of rubber bumpers for added protection, plus a nifty little storage case that keeps everything organized. Since the pads are surprisingly thick, they're effective when it comes to keeping your floors safe, and the felt material is easy to cut should you choose to customize the shape to your needs.

It's worth noting that the primary objective with this set is protection, and while the sticky backing and thick felt "allows furniture to slide nicely across the floor," these are better-suited for lighter furniture and shorter distances — especially the smaller pads. As a result, they shouldn't be used for moving, but instead for smaller jobs like relocating furniture temporarily so you can vacuum.


The Best Sliders For Heavy Furniture

Touted as the "DIY" moving system, the EZ Moves furniture kit comes with eight sliders that aim to give you "10 times your natural strength" when moving heavy furniture. The secret is the two-in-one design, which contains both soft foam and slippery plastic for use on both hardwood and carpeting. It also comes with a handy leverage bar, which allows you to lift your couch, dresser, or chair with a single hand so you can slip the sliders underneath.

Fans of the product can't seem to stop raving about their newfound ability to move items over 100 pounds: "I have a very heavy wooden entertainment center that I needed to move. My husband and I (both pretty strong) worked together and moved it a few inches, badly scratching our hardwood floors. I bought this product thinking it probably wouldn't work but figured I would try ... Now it slides across the floor fairly easily," and most importantly, without scratches.


The Most Versatile Sliders For All Different Floors

These Supersliders are crafted to work on any type of floor in your home, thanks to their removable “sock” feature. When the fabric sock is on, they effortlessly slide across hardwood, linoleum, and tile, and once you remove it, it's suitable for carpets and other soft flooring.

The interior of the sliders, which is made from durable rubber foam, cushions and protects furniture legs without collapsing in on itself. Since each slider measures 5 inches in diameter, they're suitable for both small and large pieces, including sofas, dressers, and even kitchen appliances. You can also opt for smaller sizes, if that better suits your needs.

"Worked really well on both hard and carpeted floors without leaving any marks," says one reviewer whose space contains various types of flooring. "Hard to be excited about furniture pucks, but these certainly made a difficult task easy."

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