These Lint Rollers Are The Best For Pet Hair, Because They Shed, Like, A Lot


For pet owners, cleaning up your dog's or cat's loose hair can feel like an endless and frustrating chore. Luckily, the best lint rollers for pet hair make removing dog and cat hair a breeze. So whether your fur baby has long hair or short strands, incorporating a lint roller into your cleaning routine can reduce the amount of airborne pet hair in your home and keep your clothes and furniture looking tidy in between deep-cleans.

When shopping for a lint brush, finding one that suits your particular needs is key. If hair on your clothing is your chief concern, then you can’t go wrong with a classic sticky sheet roller. Or if animal hair is a more widespread issue, it might be worth investing in a reusable lint roller to de-fuzz both your clothes and furniture on a regular basis. You also want to keep in mind the size of the brush you choose. After all, why try to clean a whole living room with a tiny roller when you could instead buy a much larger sized option?

But, regardless of whether your fur friend is a cat, dog, rabbit, or some heretofore unmentioned animal, I've gathered the best lint rollers for pet hair for you to peruse, perfect for any hair-y situation.


The Best Overall, All Things Considered

Not only is Flint's reusable lint roller completely retractable, it also measures just 5 inches in length so that you can easily stuff it in a pocket and keep it handy with you wherever you go. The retractable exterior of this roller makes it without a doubt the best option to carry with you in your pocket or purse — it won't collect dust or lint when you tuck it away, or stick to the sides of your purse. While each roller features 30 sheets of adhesive (a far cry from the 180 you get in the pack above), the tube can be kept and reused and replacements sheets cost just $3 for a set of 30. While pet owners love this lint roller, some people even say it's great just to keep in their purse in case they run into a puppy that is begging to be pet. "I actually started buying a few friends lint rollers so I could use it when I came over. But now I have this - it’s small enough that it fits in my purse and I just bring it to whenever I go to a friends’ house that has pets." It's even available in 17 different colors, so you can pick one that you love.


An Affordable Classic Roller

This pack of affordable classic sticky sheet lint rollers can tackle everything from living room curtains to hardwood floors, and anything in between. They're also great for giving your clothes a quick once-over before you head out the door. For just $8, you receive not one, but three separate rollers, which means you can keep one at home and stash the other two in other handy places like your office, car, or bag. And while cleaning up pet hair is an ongoing task, 180 sheets means these rollers should last you a while before you need to replace them.


The Best Non-Adhesive Roller

For $25, this reusable, eco-friendly, non-adhesive roller from ChromChrom removes pet hair from any kind of soft material, like clothing, carpeting, beds, sofas, couches, and more. By rolling it back and forth as directed over fabric or upholstered surfaces, it works by pulling up deeply embedded hair and scraping into its chamber. Afterwards, you just empty the chamber and repeat the process again. One Amazon reviewer even noted that the chamber is large enough to clean a whole sofa before needing to be emptied. Since it doesn't use any kind of sticky paper, adhesive tape, or batteries, this lint roller is reusable, and the manufacturer claims you won't need to buy another pet hair removing gadget ever again.


The Best For Large Surfaces

With a 10-inch wide adhesive surface, this Evercare pet mega cleaning roller comes with 25 sticky sheets and a 36-inch handle. So if you want to easily and quickly remove pet hair from your floors, this roller will accomplish that much faster than a smaller roller. The longer handle allows you to more easily clean underneath sofas and other hard-to-reach places, but it can also tackle smaller areas, like car seats or your pet's favorite blanket.

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