The 4 Best Machine-Washable Pillows


When’s the last time you washed your pillow? Probably not recently enough. The best machine-washable pillows are easy to clean so you can stop worrying about the consequences (like acne or clogged pores) of not routinely washing your pillow. While a pillowcase certainly helps to protect your pillow from the sweat, oil, and dead skin cells from your body, you should still wash your pillow at least twice a year, especially because all of that stuff can soak through the case.

When it comes to picking out the best machine-washable pillow, you should first make sure that the tag doesn’t say “dry clean only,” which means that it’s not going to hold up in the harsh washing machine. Down or feather pillows and polyester pillows are usually safe picks to be machine washed, while memory foam or other foams usually cannot be. From there, pick a pillow based on your desired firmness and price.

The actual pillow-washing part is pretty easy. It's a good idea to read the instructions first for the specific settings, but in general, all you have to do is wash your pillows in pairs (if your machine is large enough to handle it) and use a mild detergent (Consumer Reports recommends using a powder detergent when washing feather or down pillows). Put your pillows through the rinse cycle twice (the second time sans detergent), to make sure that they're rinsed fully, according to To dry, put them in the dryer on a low-to-medium heat setting. It's a good idea throw a couple of clean tennis balls in there to fluff those pillows up, too. And make sure they get totally dry, otherwise you run the risk of mold.

To help you find the best machine-washable pillows, here are five highly rated options on Amazon that will help you catch some serious zzz’s.


The Best Machine-Washable Foam Pillows

Never settle for an uncomfortable pillow again. The MyPillow comes in four different firmness types (ranging from “least firm” to “extra firm”), so you can find the ideal level for you. There's even a fitting guide to help you pick, and it’s all color-coded to make it all easier.

The foam filling in the MyPillow is super comfortable, and best yet, it holds up in the washing machine. It’s a fan favorite and a favorite in my household, too; both my husband and I own this pick and can attest that it has maintained its shape perfectly for more than a year, even with several washings. (Insider tip: Make sure you fluff it regularly.) This pick also comes with a 10 year warranty.

What Amazon reviewers are saying: “I love this pillow! I had to wash it one night so I had to use a different pillow and I couldn't sleep! My husband has the one that's a bit firmer and he likes his too. I will say though. You really need to follow the recommended size, because I tried my husbands and its too big for me. It really makes a difference! I love that its washable.”

  • Available Sizes: Standard/Queen, King


The Best Machine-Washable Down Pillows

These pillows from Downluxe are the definition of comfort thanks to the extremely soft goose feather filling and the 100% cotton exterior. The two-pack of pillows features a double layer of fabric and are available either gusseted or not. These pillows are described as providing medium support, and yes, they are machine washable. With more than 600 reviews on Amazon and a 4.2-star rating, reviewers without down allergies cannot get enough of this pick.

What Amazon reviewers are saying: "It's been about three or four nights on this pillow now, and I'm a believer. It's not the same as sleeping on a poly-filled pillow, nor is it like the memory foam type, but I like it better than both. The pillow forms to your head nicely, and the down you don't want under you forms around you. If you don't feel comfortable in one position, just fluff the thing up for a second or two, and try again to re-form it the way you want it. Much, much nicer than any other type of pillow I've tried."

  • Available Sizes: Queen, King


An Adjustable Memory Foam Machine-Washable Pillow (That's Also Cooling)

Memory foam pillows are typically not machine washable, but this pick from Xtreme Comforts is the exception to the rule. Made of quality shredded memory foam, this pillow will work for all different types of sleepers since it can be adjusted: Whether you like it fluffy, flat or somewhere in between, simply open the zipper and remove/adjust the fill to achieve the perfect pillow for you. There's even a body pillow size available. With a cooling bamboo cover, it's a great choice for hot sleepers.

What Amazon reviewers are saying: “My entire family converted to this pillow after they saw this pillow in my dorm room. It is like no other pillow- you simply have to try it! [...] It is firm yet soft, and works whether you sleep on your back, side, or stomach. [...] It's easy to wash, and hypoallergenic.”

  • Available Sizes: Standard, Queen, King, Body Pillow


The Best Budget Machine-Washable Pillows

Not only are these pillows from HOMFY an absolute bargain, they’re also super soft, breathable, and yes, perfectly fine after the washing machine. The pillows are made from a 100% cotton exterior and feature a polyester filling (described as a medium firmness). After more than 200 reviews, it has a solid 4.1-star rating from customers who agree that it's oh so comfortable.

What Amazon reviewers are saying: “I have light allergies. I bought these pillows as they are 100% Cotton and machine washable and I am very happy with them: they have nice size, hold their shape, very soft and wash perfectly - I just throw them in the washer and dryer and they look like new again!”

  • Available Sizes: Queen, King

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