The 4 Best Round Brushes For Fine Thin Hair

Different brushes have different uses. A paddle brush is great for smoothing and detangling, a vented brush is ideal for drying, and a round brush can curl and add volume — which can make all the difference when it comes to styling fine, thin hair. While a large, densely-packed round brush may be useful for manipulating thick hair, the best round brush for fine thin hair should have fewer bristles that can grip without pulling or breaking delicate strands.

Another factor to consider when choosing a brush for thin hair is composition. Generally, you’ll want to find a brush with bristles that are sturdy, yet soft. Boar bristle brushes are typically considered a must-have for fine hair; the stiff texture can help detangle and evenly distribute natural oils while still remaining gentle enough for thin strands.

That said, boar bristle brushes aren't the only option. It's also worth noting that brushes with a boar and nylon combination are a great choice for blow-drying and smoothing fine hair. Additionally, plastic bristles have been known to work wonders when it comes to detangling wet hair that's prone to breakage, while brushes with ionic properties can help to combat static — an extremely useful feature for thin hair, since it also tends to be more lightweight and therefore heavily impacted by static. With all that in mind, I've narrowed down the four best round brushes for fine hair of all lengths.


The Best Round Brush For Thin Hair, All Things Considered

The Care Me round brush is an all-around winner when it comes to styling fine, thin hair of any length. Its vented design helps to create volume, while its boar bristles smooth strands to a shiny finish. When it comes to catching flyaways, this brush is also a standout star. Thanks to the added nylon pins, it can easily grab thin hair without getting tangled. With more than 350 five-star Amazon reviews, this product is certainly hard to ignore. Several fans have even raved that it's the "best brush" they've ever used, especially for thin hair that "always seems to fall flat" with everything else — but not this pick.

Available sizes: 1.3 inch, 1.7 inch, 2 inch


The Best Round Brush For Blow-Drying Fine Hair

Most people are looking to speed up drying time but would prefer to do so without sacrificing the shine and luster that comes with a salon-quality blowout. With the Fixbody round-barrel hair brush, you can easily have the best of both worlds. This brush not only cuts down on drying time with its vented honeycomb barrel, but its nano-ionic and anti-static technology seriously help to prevent heat damage and minimize frizz and flyaways. As an added bonus, this brush features a retractable needle at the bottom that doubles as a hair-sectioning tool — and it can even be used to clean clumps of hair out of the bristles.

Available sizes: 2.2 inch, 2.5 inch, 3 inch, 3.3 inch


The Best Round Hair Brush For Volume

For those with thin hair, creating — and, more importantly, maintaining — volume can be a tough feat to manage. Using a tool with vented holes like the Osensia professional round brush (which allows hot air to thoroughly circulate during a blowout) will make it easier than ever. This particular brush also boasts amazing smoothing properties thanks to its anti-static, ionic-infused bristles, which help reduce both flyaways and frizz. Finally, its medium-size ceramic barrel has an "amazing pull" that helps thin hair wind around it without snagging, so you can lift roots and curl ends for voluminous style.

Available sizes: .75 inch, 1 inch, 3 inch, 1.3 inch, 1.7 inch, 2 inch


The Best Brush For Creating Curls

With its mixture of nylon and boar bristles, the Dianyi round brush is not only able to provide volume and lift — it can also create curls that look like they were done with an iron. Thanks to the varying lengths of its bristles, this tool can easily grasp fine stands without getting them snagged or tangled, leaving hair both soft and shiny in the end. Its smaller barrel also means that strands can wrap around it multiple times, helping to create a loose coil during a blowout. (This brush is ideal for shorter and medium-length hair, but likely wouldn't be the best pick for extra-long locks.)

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