The 4 Best Slippers For Sweaty Feet

There’s nothing worse than wearing a pair of shoes or slippers that aren't breathable, especially if your feet are prone to sweating. Sure, having sweaty feet is usually uncomfortable, but it can also lead to other complications such as odor, athlete's foot, and toenail fungus, too. Finding the best slippers for sweaty feet can help keep things cool and comfortable.

Before you buy a pair of slippers that'll help keep your feet sweat-free, you’ll want to make sure that your selection allows for good airflow (and isn't lined with pure synthetic materials, such as polyester or rayon). Instead, your new pair should be covered with light, breathable, or moisture-wicking fabrics, like cotton and merino wool blends. It's also a plus if your slippers are open-toed, because they'll let your feet breathe while still providing some coverage and warmth.

Additionally, you’ll want to find a pair that has a comfortable insole made of memory foam, latex, or another material that'll provide cushioning while you walk. You could even consider a pair with arch support and bacteria-resistant linings, depending on how your feet are feeling and what you need. For more stability, you’ll also want to make sure that your new slippers have nonslip soles and are able to withstand minor outdoor errands. So if you plan on wearing your slippers outside, take that into consideration.

Keeping these details in mind, take a look at some of the best slippers for sweaty feet that you can buy.