For The Perfect-Looking Bed, You Need To Buy These Sheets

Sleeping on a comfortable, quality set of sheets is a sweet reward at the end of every day. But washing those sheets and then being able to throw them right back on the bed — because they also happen to be the best wrinkle-free sheets — is the ultimate dream.

Breaking out an ironing board every time you give your sheets a spin in the washing machine is way too much to ask of any busy person. And that's why you'll find wrinkle-free sheets everywhere these days, in a variety of price points and made from various materials.

Since one of the more popular fabrics in bed sheets is breathable, natural cotton, it's important to note that cotton sheets are also a serious offender when it comes to wrinkles. Sheets made with 100 percent cotton that are treated with a coating that makes them resistant to wrinkles do exist, but they tend to only last a certain number of washings before that wrinkle-free power wears off.

Instead, this list focuses on a variety of polyester microfiber sheets, which are hailed as the top dog in wrinkle-free, affordable bed sheets. These sheets stand alone using 100 percent brushed microfiber or can be blended with cotton or eco-friendly, sustainable bamboo to create sheets to keep you cool all night. Don't worry: we also included a highly-rated wrinkle-free sheet option that will make you warm and snug on freezing cold nights.

These sheets make bedtime more comfortable and pleasurable, but will also make your life so much easier. Store that ironing board — you won't need it.

Best Overall Wrinkle-Resistant Sheets

With more than 43,000 reviews, these bed sheets are, hands down, the queen of wrinkle-free 1800-thread count microfiber sheets. This four-piece sheet set (which comes with a fitted sheet that can fit mattresses up to 16 inches deep) is made from hypoallergenic brushed microfiber that is a healthier alternative for anyone with allergies. They are as soft and smooth as silk, but cost a fraction of the price of silk.

These sheets last longer than cotton (you won’t find pesky holes here and there) and are resistant to wrinkles, fading, and shrinking, though you should remember to always wash them in cold water to keep them looking and feeling their best. Aside from the affordable price tag, these sheets are the overall best pick because they are offered in seven sizes, including twin XL and split king, and more than 35 colors with one quatrefoil print option.

One thing to keep in mind is that these are thin sheets. They’re more cooling than they are warm. If those points check out for you, go for it: they are one of the best sets you’ll ever own, according to tens of thousands of reviewers.

The Best Cotton Blend Sheets That Stay Cool

If you really want cotton sheets, but don't want wrinkles, this cotton blend sheet set is designed with 30 percent polyester and a sateen weave that ensure they remain completely wrinkle free.

This is a four-piece set with a fitted sheet that fits mattresses 15 to 18 inches deep. It comes in 16 colors, with striped options and it boasts customizable sizes such as “22-inch deep king.”

If you’re wondering why you should choose a more expensive cotton blend over 100 percent polyester microfiber, the answer for most people is that natural cotton continues to provide a more breathable experience that feels extremely cooling and comfortable. Consider these sheets a compromise between both materials.

The Best Eco-Friendly Sheets That Won't Wrinkle

This hybrid blended fabric sheet set is designed with 40 percent rayon derived from bamboo and 60 percent brushed microfiber. Together, these two fabrics provide an eco-friendly alternative that is hypoallergenic, soft, and resistant to both wrinkles and stains.

These sheets are cool, perfect for allergies, and soft, though not as soft as 100 percent microfiber or cotton, according to reviewers. They come in 12 colors and five sizes.

Best Heavyweight Sheets

Although microfiber sheets are your number one option if you want wrinkle-free sheets, if you don’t want to compromise on warmth and prefer a heavier sheet set, these heavyweight velvet flannel sheets are a great alternative. They’re made from a brushed cotton fabric and are thick and soft.

Cotton sheets are not known for being wrinkle-free, but these are different, according to reviewers. They get softer after each wash and remain smooth — but the key is to pull them straight out of your dryer and not let them sit. Staying on top of these sheets slightly more than you would microfiber will really pay off.

Keep in mind that these are not cooling sheets, nor are they sheets you should purchase for the spring or summer. They’re really heavy — which could be a pro or con. They come in 11 colors, including three floral prints. Unfortunately, they’re only offered in three sizes: queen, king, and California king.

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