These Genius Bedside Caddies Hold Your Phone, Book, & Everything You Need At Night But Don't Have A Place For

If you don’t have enough space in your bedroom for a nightstand or are simply looking for some extra storage, the best bedside caddies are the perfect solution. These caddies barely take up any room, but can keep your essentials easily within reach.

There are two main categories of bedside caddies to choose from:

A pocket-style caddy hangs next to your bed and is the go-to option if you’re in need of organization. These caddies features storage compartments, so everything has a place. Pocket-style caddies are great for holding your phone, a favorite book, your journal, or any other small essentials. These caddies are usually kept in place by being tucked partially under the mattress, though some have straps for extra security.

A shelf-style caddy, on the other hand, usually attaches directly to your bed frame, and ends up functioning like a nightstand. A shelf caddy can hold a glass of water, a stack of books, your alarm clock, or whatever else you need. Just pay attention to the maximum weight capacity to avoid overloading the shelf.

Scroll on for the five best bedside caddies which Amazon reviewers rave about. They look great, function well, and provide game-changing extra storage.


The Overall Best Bedside Pocket Caddy

With six different pockets to hold a wide range of items, you’ll find that the functionality of this Zafit bedside caddy is nearly unrivaled. Four of the pockets are mesh, which allows you to visibly keep track of your stuff, while the two large cloth pockets are great for holding a tablet, magazines and books, or other necessities. The inserting board is designed to slide under the mattress to hold the caddy in place. And luckily, Amazon reviewers report that this pick won't easily move around or fall, a common problem with some bedside caddies.

Choose from four caddy colors in the six-pocket style — black, blue, gray, or coffee — and if you don't need quite as much storage space, you can grab a smaller caddy with fewer pockets. The six-pocket pick is about 19.7 by 17.5 inches in size.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "This is super awesome. I got it because I was getting rid of my nightstand in order to put my baby's crib next to bed and it has worked great. It is really good quality and stays in place great. Overall a great product for a great price. I am so glad I got it. Plenty pockets for stuff. I keep my phone in there, flash light, baby pacifier, and retainer case."


The Overall Best Bedside Shelf Caddy

The BedShelfie is the perfect solution for those who want a nightstand, but don’t quite have the space for one. The shelf clamps directly to your bed frame (no tools required), so you end up with a useful spot for essentials that's easily within reach. The shelf can hold up to 15 pounds of stuff, and Amazon reviewers have called it out for being surprisingly sturdy. It has an impressive 4.7-star rating after 1,600 and growing reviews.

The shelf is handcrafted in eco-friendly bamboo, and comes in a range of colors and formats, based on your needs.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "I don’t have a lot of room in my bedroom and these are amazing! Before I had one nightstand on the left hand side of my bed which meant whoever slept on the other side didn’t have anywhere to put their phone, water, etc. I replaced my night stand with two of these (one on each side) and I love the function and sleekness of them. Highly recommend!!"


A Bedside Pocket Caddy That Can Charge Two Devices

Not only can this pocket caddy from The Night Caddy hold all of your essentials, it can also charge up to two devices at once (thanks to a built-in dual USB charger), which makes life so much easier — no more searching to find your phone's power cord, required. The caddy has several storage compartments for all of your stuff, and even has a cup holder. It also stays in place thanks to poles that slide under the mattress, which are extra-strong to prevent it from falling. The caddy is made from durable plastic and aluminum.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "This has been one of the best purchases I have ever made. So handy for my tiny bedroom. I no longer bump my toes or knees on a nightstand as I try to get around it. This hardly takes up any room, yet holds everything I need at my bedside, with the convenience of USB for my phone and tablet. And, the cup holder is big enough for my biggest insulated cup. It’s also secure, so it does not move unless I move it."


A Sleek & Slim Bedside Pocket Caddy

If aesthetics and organization are both important to you, then this Kikkerland bedside caddy is calling your name. Made of a gray felt fabric, the single pocket caddy is stylish and ultra-slim — no bulky pockets here. The 11.1- by 8.7- by 4.5-inch caddy is a good size for holding magazines, glasses, your phone, and more. And Amazon reviewers are certainly impressed by this pick. They give it a standout 4.7-star rating after more than 500 reviews.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "So useful! I am going to buy these for gifts for my family. The grey fabric is very nice. It is quite sturdy and should last for many years. Can't beat the price! I also like the slim profile as my bedspread drapes nicely over the caddy. It hold more than I expected it to. Good buy!"


An Extra-Secure Bedside Pocket Caddy With Straps

If you’ve got a bunk or lofted bed, this Surblue caddy is worth an “add to cart.” The pocket-style caddy features three Velcro straps for extra-secure attachment, so you can rest easy knowing that it will stay in place. And when it comes to storage, the caddy boasts eight compartments in a range of sizes. Choose from six different color options.

Amazon reviewers report that this caddy has become a necessity in their homes. They give this pick a solid 4.5-star rating, with 250 and growing reviews.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "My 7 year old loves having this on the top bunk so she can store her books, tablet, drink, glasses, and anything else she needs during the night. The straps are durable and never come undone on their own."

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