These Dorm Fans Will Cool Down Your Desk, Bed, And Beyond — For Less Than $20


To make your college dorm feel cool and comfortable when you’re studying, sleeping, and hanging out, you’ll need one of the best fans for dorm rooms. No matter how short on space you are, there are tons of affordable options that will fit your room (or desk) and some you can even tailor to your style.

When you’re choosing the best fan for your dorm room, you’ll need to consider a few things like how you’ll be using your fan and your room’s setup. Will it be primarily used when you're at your desk? If so, you might want a clip-on style or another kind of small fan that won’t take up too much space.

For staying cool at night, though, you’ll need a quiet fan, ideally with automatic shut-off or timer features. Also, you can’t forget about your roommates. If you are sharing a room, you'll want a fan that can be adjusted to direct the airflow in your direction without bothering others. On the other hand, oscillating tower fans are also great options for dorm rooms when you want to cool down the entire room for both you and your roomy.

Additional features like a remote control or USB charging are also pluses. But no matter what, with the limited space, you'll want a fan with a space-saving design. And of course, is affordable, too!

To make shopping a lot easier, I’ve put together a list of the top-rated and best fans for dorm rooms with all the features you need to study and sleep comfortably.


The Best Personal Dorm Room Fan

The Opolar USB Fan is the perfect choice for desks and personal use. This little fan is super quiet even on its high setting, remaining 40 or fewer decibels (library volume level), so it won’t distract you or others while cooling. It can be rotated 360 degrees to direct airflow up or down to cool off your personal space. However, while you can direct the airflow over a wide range, it doesn't oscillate. There are two speeds with the high setting capable of being felt up to 3 feet away keeping your study area at a comfortable temperature. This fan is also USB-based, so your laptop or other outlet can power it without it hogging any of your wall plug-ins. With a 4.4 rating after more than 350 reviews, it's customer-approved.


The Best Dorm Fan For Two Or More People

The Lasko 4000 Air Stik Ultra-Slim Oscillating Fan is a compact tower fan that doesn’t take up much space. It’s ideal for stuffy dorm rooms when you're moving around as it oscillates to improve air circulation giving you and your roommate fresher, cooler air. This slim and sleek fan is only 4 inches in diameter and 14-inches tall so it can fit in tight corners and on top of desks and short bookshelves. It features two speed settings and has LED buttons that make it easier to avoid fumbling in the dark when adjusting the settings at night.


The Best Dorm Fan For Bed With Remote

With a remote and quiet operation, the Holmes 12-Inch Blizzard Rotating Fan is the perfect dorm fan to have by your bedside for a good night’s sleep. It features both sleep and breeze modes to provide just the right amount of airflow without disturbing you or your roommate. The handy remote lets you control it while you’re laying in bed or even from clear across the room. There are three different speed settings, plus an automatic shut-off timer if you don't want to leave it running all night. And while this unit is only a foot across, it is powerful enough to cool down 500 square feet making it great for dorms large and small. You can even make the grill rotate for a wider range.


The Best Clip-On Desk Or Bed Fan

For saving space at your desk or for targeted air when you're in bed, the Hurricane 6-inch fan has a clip-on base. This small fan features two speed settings with the ability to tilt and adjust the airflow in the direction you want. Reviewers found it to be quiet enough for sleeping and sturdy. The only drawback might be that it doesn't oscillate. "These move a good bit of wind. The clips are strong so you can clip it to things and it will stay. The cords are a good length. Good build quality!" says one fan.


A Powerful Personal Fan That’s Available In Pink, Light Blue, And Black

If you love the color pink (or tropical blue, navy, or white), the Vornado Flippi V6 Personal Air Circulator Fan is here to add a dash of style to your dorm room — all while the 120 volts give it enough power to feel the breeze from 2 feet away. This high-gloss fan is also available in light blue and black. Like most others on this list, it has two cooling speeds. There’s also a manual swivel base that lets you direct the air towards you without disturbing your roommate. However, it doesn't oscillate.

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