7 Reasons Mousse Is The Best Hair Product Ever

by Melodi Erdogan

Mousse is one of those hair products we walk by in the drugstore, see when we’re picking out our shampoo, but never really pay attention to. But the truth is, hair mousse uses are endless! Sure, it looks like any other hair product in a bottle, and oftentimes gets pushed aside for alternative options like hairspray or a smoothing oil. And while most people might get the impression that it just for curly hair, it's actually for everyone. The truth is, mousse is the magic hair product that far too many of us overlook.

Unlike leave-in-conditioners and hairsprays, mousse is a product that doesn’t necessarily alter your hair but defines it, leaving the style and texture all up to you. So instead of having a greasy head of coconut oil or a crunchy mane of extreme hairspray, mousse is basically foolproof and almost always guaranteed to give your hair volume, hold, and definition. Mousse is every woman's dream product, and everyone who doesn’t use it really should understand its benefits.

So, in order to celebrate the amazingness that is mousse — and highlight its existence to those who have yet to experience the beauty — here are seven reasons why mousse is the best hair product, ever. Get ready to neglect your hairspray, and don’t look your pomade in the eyes, because mousse is about to be your new best hair friend.

1. Because Hair Spray Just Doesn’t Work

We’ve all been there once before: We spend hours styling our hair with tons of product, tons of hot tools, and tons of bobby pins. Then, the moment we step outside, all our hard work is ruined. Unless you have the mane of a goddess, like my personal hair crush Blake Lively, everyone has experienced this excruciating moment.

While hairspray claims to fight against humidity, sometimes it just doesn’t cut it. Mousse, however, has a special consistency that keeps hair styled the desired way, and fights through humidity and other non-hair friendly weather circumstances.

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2. Curls Only Stay Curled With Mousse

Also on that note, every curly haired girl knows the importance of mousse. While curly hair can sometimes be resilient to all types of products, mousse is one of the few that can actually tame naturally wild curls. Instead of weighing them down or greasing them up (like when you use oils and hairsprays), mousse lifts curls and makes them touchable and soft. And everyone likes touchable, soft hair.

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3. It Gives Your Hair That Luscious, Bouncy Feeling

You know when you leave the hairdresser feeling like a new person with bright and shiny hair, having just had your locks washed, cut, and styled by a professional? That’s the feeling mousse gives you every single time you use it. Because of its fluffy, light texture, using mousse alone will get you fuller, thicker looking hair that holds a style much longer than any other product.

So no, you don’t necessarily have to go to the hairdresser to feel like a new person with fabulous new hair. All you gotta do is get yourself a bottle of mousse and apply thoroughly to clean hair. Warning: Extremely satisfied hair frenzy may occur.

4. It Is The Only Way To Achieve Celebrity-Worthy Volume

Every time I watch a red carpet special, I am amazed at how celebrities get their hair to stay so voluminous even when they have a long, wavy hairstyle going on. While we can’t all have professionals doing our hair for us, we can have a bottle of mousse to help us achieve that glamorous look at home! Working mousse into the roots of your hair can give it lift and volume, prepped to be heat styled or even left alone to compliment your natural texture.

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5. It Is Literally Foolproof

Because most mousse comes in many forms, from sprays to foams to creams, the application is super easy. Simply take the recommended amount of product into your palm, and work it through your hair starting at the roots and heading towards the tips. The product can be used with heat, but will still work without it. No muss, no fuss. Whether you put it in your hair before heading out for the day, or even before bed with wet hair, your hair will be soft and defined with the help of some mousse.

6. It Even Protects Your Hair

These days, when everyone’s hair gets abused by hot tools and harsh winds, protecting each and every strand of hair is more important than it has ever been. Thankfully, most brands add a special coating to their mousse products that can protect against most kinds of heat damage. Schwarzkopf’s styling mousse promises heat defense while adding a defined luster so your hair can be healthy and gorgeous at the same time.

7. It Works On Everyone

No matter what your hair texture or type is, mousse can define your look. My natural hair is wavy, and when I use mousse my waves are shinier and easier to style in a ponytail or bun. And when I use mousse in my wet hair before a blow dry, my hair gains volume and shine while keeping my style in top condition despite hair-threatening weather.

No matter what your natural hair type is, how you treat your hair or style it, mousse is a sure way to polish your mane without any leftover product gunk or weird, crunchy feeling tormenting your hair.

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