The 5 Best Percale Sheets

When people talk about the good old days, they may not automatically think of bed sheets. But for many, most modern-day sheets pale in comparison to your grandmother's cool, crisp linen. And that's why the best percale sheets are so in demand (and so difficult to find): These are the lightweight, breathable, old-fashioned sheets that you slept in during summer sleepovers at your grandparents' when you were young.

Referring to the type of weave used in their design, percale cotton sheets are closely woven, flat, and smooth — and pretty much always made from 100 percent cotton. Unlike sateen weave sheets, you should never expect percale sheets to be soft and satiny — that would defeat their purpose. Instead, these crisp, cooling sheets are ideal for spring, summer, sweaty sleepers, and anyone who simply prefers a lighter, less clingy sheet that stands the test of time.

When it comes to thread count, it's important to forget everything you've been told about needing sheets that boast nothing less than 1,000 threads. Percale sheets typically range between a 200 and 300 thread count, and that number does not affect their quality.

Regardless of your budget, mattress size, and color or fabric preference, the five choices, below, are the best percale sheets you can buy online today.